Teacher Resources: Activity - Story analysis (10 mins)

Stories make the news for different reasons Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Stories make the news for a variety of reasons

Compile a list of current news headlines. You may wish to scan the front pages of the BBC News, BBC Local News, Newsbeat, or CBBC Newsround websites, or other news websites, newspapers and school newsletters.

For each story, answer the question: Why is it in the news?

Here's a few examples:

GCSEs scrapped for 'English Bac' - People need to know about it

Farah wins Olympic 10,000m - People want to know about it

Plastic heart gives dad new life - It's unusual

News is essentially something people WANT to know or NEED to know.

At the BBC, we say that news that people need to know is "in the public interest".

Do all your headlines fit into this template? If not, what other reasons do you think explain why the stories were published?