Paralympics 2012: St Luke's students' day at the Olympic Park

10 September 2012 Last updated at 12:50

School Reporters from St Luke's in Hertfordshire made a trip of a lifetime to the Olympic Park to see the action at the 2012 Paralympics
Travelling to the Olympic Park
School Reporters from St Luke's in Hertfordshire were excited to be travelling to the Olympic Park, accompanied by their teachers.
Arriving at St Pancras
The students arrived in London but still had to catch another train before they got to the Olympic Park.
Meeting Emma at St Pancras
The team met Emma from BBC Ouch at St Pancras so she could work on a story for the website about their visit to the Paralympics.
Outside the Olympic Park
The St Lukes team outside the Olympic Park after a successful journey - for some of the students it was their first time on the tube and their first ever visit to London.
Speaking to BBC Ouch's Emma
School Reporters spoke to Emma from BBC Ouch in the stadium - she says some of the pupils were in "sheer ecstasy" when they first stepped foot inside.
Talking to Hannah at the end of the day
School Reporters Jo, James and Bilal from St Luke's reflect on their day at the Paralympics with School Report producer Hannah.