Olympic hockey: Blood on the pitch in Olympics hockey semi-final

Netherlands hockey players The Netherlands celebate their historic victory and will now battle for Olympic gold

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We knew the day was going to be amazing when we found ourselves brushing shoulders with celebrities whilst we were still only on the tube to the Olympic Park.

When Rick Edwards, who will be presenting some of the Paralympics coverage on Channel 4, stood next to us on the tube we couldn't believe it - it was so cool!

When we got to the Olympic Park, we had high expectations. I don't think I've ever seen so many people in my entire life!

We headed to the Riverbank Arena to watch New Zealand versus the Netherlands. The atmosphere was amazing from the start and when we walked into the arena all we could see, apart from the bright blue hockey pitch, was a sea of Holland fans wearing orange shirts.

During the first half, there was lots of enthusiastic chanting from the Netherlands but suddenly the Kiwis started to retaliate and soon a chant- off was under way.

When New Zealand got awarded a penalty corner, there was lots of cheering and loud music began to play. The tension was building but just as the players went to execute what would be their first goal against the Netherlands, the people in front of me stood up to allow latecomers into their seats and I missed the goal!

Blood on the pitch

There was more drama in the first half when Holly found out it wasn't a good idea to hold a bottle of coke while trying to do a Mexican wave - she was very sticky for the rest of the match!

Katie Glynn is treated for head injuries Katie Glynn battled on despite her head injury

Going into the second half, tension and expectation was high - the score was level and everyone was eager to see their team win. Half way through, the drama heightened as New Zealand's Katie Glynn took a nasty blow to the head. I think everyone in the arena felt her pain as the replay was shown on the big screen.

Two volunteers had to go onto the pitch to clean up the blood but there was a round of applause when Glynn returned to the pitch, her head heavily bandaged.

As the final seconds ticked down, it was still 2-2 and nobody could quite believe that it was going to go to Golden Goal extra time. Each team now had a further 15 minutes each to try to score a goal.

After 85 minutes of nail-biting, heart-racing action, what better way to top off the match than make Olympic history? With neither team giving up the fight during extra time it was down to penalties to decide the winner. It was the first time in Olympic history that it had come to a shoot-out.

The crowd watched on nervously, excitement and fear building into one emotion - anticipation. At first it seemed like the dead lock would continue, with both sides missing some of their shots.

But ultimately the overwhelming support of the fans helped the Netherlands and they won the shoot-out.

We felt so privileged to be at such an action packed match and to be there to watch Olympic history unfold.

Emily and Holly from Theale Green Community School investigate why Reading Hockey Club has been so successful at producing top players.

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