Olympic cycling: Team GB cyclists enjoy another golden day in the Velodrome

We arrived at the Olympic Park and the first thing we realised was that the place was packed!

The place is huge and it's a bit like a theme park, with the massive Orbit tower and all the bright colours everywhere.

As we walked through the park, we met a group of girls from Russia, Spain and the Ukraine. They were smiling and having their picture taken with lots of different people - they even got one with us!

You don't see the Velodrome when you first walk in to the park - all you can see are the thousands of heads of the other people. But when we did finally see it, it wasn't what we were expecting.

It looked really futuristic and it has a curved roof - it looks like a huge wooden pringle.

When you go through the doors, the first things that hit you are the sound and the heat. Thousands of people were filling the seats and the venue is heated to 28 degrees, which is the optimum temperature for the cyclists.

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We had great seats near the finish line and we could see the whole track really well. We were surrounded by the families of the cyclists - including the daughter of one of the Australian competitors, who was wearing a T-shirt that said 'Go Daddy'.

Tension on the track

The afternoon session was packed with intense races - there were 18 in all and the action just didn't stop. We didn't want to leave our seats for a second in case we missed something!

Some of the world's best cyclists were in action, including Victoria Pendleton. She looked really confident and was just taking her competitors out one by one.

One of our highlights was the women's omnium. At first, we didn't really get what was going on but we soon realised what the cyclists were trying to do.

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Image caption The crowd went wild as Jason Kenny held up his medal

Team GB's Laura Trott looked very calm and even waved to the crowds. She looked like she knew what she was doing but the spectators were a lot more anxious.

The elimination round was really tense as the last cyclist to cross the line after every second lap gets disqualified. By the time it was just Laura and her two rivals left, the crowd was on its feet.

The crowd was screaming "come on Laura!" and when she eventually won, the crowd went wild.

It was really nice to see Trott and the other cyclists shake hands afterwards as it showed good sportsmanship.


Jason Kenny played the predator in the individual sprint. As the race began, the sound of a heartbeat was played around the Velodrome. The crowd was silent as Kenny slowly circled the track, not taking his eyes off his rival for a second.

On the second lap, he sped up and by lap three, it was the sprint for the win.

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The commentator kept telling the crowd that the louder we cheered the faster they would go - and the crowd listened.

We've never heard anything like it as the crowd roared Kenny to the finish line. When he crossed first, everyone knew that he was the Olympic gold medallist.

It was a proud moment for Team GB as Kenny kept cycling round the track, waving to the supporters who would cheer louder as he went past.

When he stepped up on the podium, he couldn't keep the smile off his face. People were crying tears of joy as the national anthem was played and we felt very patriotic.

It was all over but the memories will last forever.

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