Teacher Resources: Activity - Writing news - beginning, middle and end (15 mins)

BBC Homepage
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Work in pairs.

A, print off a news story from the BBC News,BBC Local News or CBBC Newsround websites, other news websites, newspapers and school newsletters.

Cut up the story into sections, with two or three sentences in each section - or individual sentences if you wish to make the task more difficult.

A and B, underline the facts and circle the opinions. A fact is something that it true (often who, what, where, when). An opinion is what someone thinks.

B, try to put the sections in order.

A and B, compare B's order with the original story.

A and B, answer these questions:

1. What did you notice about the beginning, middle and end of the report?

2. Where are most of the 5 'W' facts?

3. Where are most of the opinions?

In many genres of writing, the main event occurs in the middle, or at the end, such as a murder-mystery novel.

But in news, the first sentence should reveal the key occurrence and often includes the key 'W' facts.