Teacher Resources: Activity - Internet research and questions (25 mins)

Usain Bolt is the biggest name in athletics Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Usain Bolt is the biggest name in athletics

Imagine your editor has asked you to do some background research about your local MP or a sports person of your choosing in preparation for an interview. Spend the next 20 minutes looking online for information.

  • When using a search engine, remember to use quotation marks around their name eg "David Beckham" or "Usain Bolt". This will help narrow down your search results.
  • Bookmark your most interesting and relevant results so you can return to them again. If you don't know how to do this, ask your teacher.
  • Include an advanced search for news about them on bbc.co.uk within the last month. This will help to uncover any recent news involving the subject and might prompt ideas for new lines of enquiry.

Now, based on the information you have found, compose five open questions for your local MP or sports person. They should build on the background research you have just done, not just give you the same answers.

Rank the questions in the order you would ask them.

Remember, you may not have enough time to ask them all, and that it will often put your guest at ease to start with an easier question.