Teacher Resources: Activity - Newsgathering diary (15 mins)

Planning ahead Planning stories in advance helps to keep you organised

In BBC newsrooms, some stories break without warning: a shock political resignation or a tragic accident can happen at any time, forcing journalists and editors to react quickly and work out how to cover the story.

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But many stories are carefully planned in advance, with reporters able to do their research and arrange interviews ahead of time.

When your class or team has come up with some story ideas, why not start planning ahead for how how you're going to cover them?

Try filling out these planning grids. There's one with a couple of examples filled out to give you an idea of how other schools have done it, and one that is completely blank.

PDF download Newsgathering diary (with example)[10.55 KB]

PDF download Newsgathering diary (blank)[9.88 KB]

You could also start thinking about who you want to interview and how to get hold of them, sources for your research and so on.

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