Olympic opening ceremony: Pupil reflects on 'mind-blowing' experience


  • 13-year-old Conrad is a Year 8 pupil at Skinners' Academy in Hackney.
  • He was one of 34 students from his school to take part in the opening ceremony
  • He carried the petal for Mauritania

The Olympic opening ceremony was magnificent... I loved it and to be part of it made it even more special!

We had to wait for long tiring hours waiting for our turn to come but it worth it.

My favourite part of the Olympic ceremony was when Mr Bean was hitting the same note on the keyboard and tried to reach for a tissue and grabbed an umbrella and started hitting the key so he could move over and he eventually got the tissue.

Mauritania at the opening ceremony The Mauritania team come into the stadium with Conrad (front left) leading the way

He saw a man playing wonderfully and he threw his dirty tissue in the man's piano!

When I first walked out to join the opening ceremony I was shocked at what I saw.

The lights were beaming down on me and at first I wondered if I'd got confused and it was a dress rehearsal because I couldn't see anyone in their seats.

It was mind-blowing - the Olympics is truly amazing and it is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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