Teacher resources: Activity - Spot the sources (10 mins)

Bradley Wiggins Image copyright AP
Image caption Tour champ Bradley Wiggins knows where to find his local news on cycling!

This page details a 10-minute activity for helping teachers and students involved in School Report to open their minds to tracking down sources for a variety of news stories.

For this activity, you will need to print out this worksheet:

Worksheet: School sources [177 KB]

Look at the images on the worksheet and circle all the possible news sources - that's where you might find a story that your audience wants and/or needs to know about.

Now answer these questions:

1. Which of these could be sources in your school for your news story?

2. What other sources could you use? Think about outside school too.

Events that go on inside the school and your local community can be just as important to your audience as major global news, so remember not to overlook great sources of information and stories close to home.

And think about journalists who work on your local newspaper or local TV or radio station. Where might they get their stories from? Could you use similar sources for your reports?

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