School Report forms 2016-17

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How does it work?

This year's School Report participation form system is slightly different to previous years.

To take part in this year's annual News Day - Thursday 16 March - you need to:


Form 1 should be completed and returned as early as possible in the school year.

This lets us know that you are taking part in the project this year and entitles you to use unique BBC News School Report branding, to appear on the School Report map and potentially receive one-to-one advice from BBC members of staff, either by phone, email or sometimes in person.

In it, you also agree to get individual consent from parents or guardians of every single student who is taking part in the project.

Once this is received, then please return the form to us via email to or post to: BBC News School Report, BBC Outreach, The Mailbox, Birmingham, B1 1RF.

Download Form 1 here


You need to send these to the parent or guardian of every child taking part in BBC News School Report at your school. They will need to complete them and return them to you before their child can participate. You do not need to return the forms to the BBC at this stage, but you will need to keep them on file at your school as you will need to provide copies of them at a future date if we broadcast material or work directly with the school.

Download parental consent form


Please click below for forms in Welsh.

Please return Form 1 via email to or by post to: BBC News School Report, BBC Outreach, The Mailbox, Birmingham, B1 1RF.

Please keep the parental consent forms at the school.

Download Form 1 in Welsh here

Download parental consent form in Welsh

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