Ball boy experience thrills School Reporter!

Andy Roddick Having good ball crew means the tennis players can concentrate on their tennis

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After weeks of training and a rigorous selection process we were ready for Devonshire Park.

Two days before meeting the professional tennis players we were assigned uniforms so we could look the part.

Being in the ball crew gave me a feeling of what's like to have a real job; I would be gone before my mum went to work and back after my dad came home, with the plus of having an amazing experience and meeting people I would probably never have met or seen if I hadn't gone.

We used all our skills we learnt in training for example giving the players the tennis balls, rolling the balls to the right serving end and scoring the match, even giving the players their towels.

Our aim was to make it perfect for the professional tennis players while they were playing and if we hadn't been there the tennis matches wouldn't have been as nice to watch as they would have been slow and disjointed.

It can be quite nerve-wracking to have that much pressure and responsibility resting on your shoulders, one wrong move and it could distract the tennis players from what they do best and slow down the match dramatically.

There were many perks, some I have already mentioned, and many others including free drinks and incredible dinners and being able to be so close to the players we all know so much about.

In this extraordinary week I was able to meet and get autographs of famous tennis players including Andy Roddick, Richard Gasquet, Colin Fleming, Ross Hutchins and Tamira Paszek.

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