In pics: School Report tells Euro 2012 story

20 June 2012 Last updated at 16:57

Students from Euro 2012 co-hosts Poland and Ukraine send in their photos as they report on the tournament.
Irish fans inside the stadium in Poznan
The Republic of Ireland may have lost all three games, conceding nine goals and scoring just one, but their fans didn't let that get in the way of enjoying Euro 2012 earning widespread praise for their enthusiastic and good-natured behaviour
Ireland fans hold up a sign saying
Like all good guests, the Irish fans made sure they said "Thank you" to their hosts before leaving
School Reporters Marianna and Agnieszka conduct some vox pops
School Reporters Marianna and Agnieszka prepare to interview fans outside the stadium
Italian fan with flag before kick-off
Italy's fans are no less passionate than Ireland's and some of their supporters get ready to unfurl a huge flag inside the stadium before kick-off
BBC School Reporter poses for a picture with England fans
School Reporter Rostyslav takes a picture with fans dressed as English knights, in the England area of the fan zone
Swedish fans hold flag in fan zone
Swedish fans wander through the fan zone proudly holding their flag ahead of their crucial Group D match against England
School reporter smiles alongside a Swedish fan
School Reporter Anastasia smiles alongside a hardcore Swedish fan, dressed in a one piece Sweden suit and hat !
Swedish fans take a well deserved break
Swedish fans take a well-deserved break from cheering for their players, as they relax on some stairs in the fan zone
Swedish fan gestures with peace signs
A Swedish fan manages the impossible, to balance on a wall in a ridiculous head wear, whilst gesturing peace signs
Sweden fans in the fan zone in Kiev
The atmosphere in Kiev's fan zone looks amazing, with Sweden fans cheering and proudly representing their country, dressed in their team’s national colours of blue and yellow
BBC School Reporter poses for a picture
School Reporter Yuliya poses for a picture with a Ukraine flag hairband, her nation’s symbols painted across her face and, with the Olympic Stadium in Kiev completing the picture before the game against Sweden
Ukraine students hold up their flag for Euro 2012
Ukrainian students and fans proudly hold up their flag. Smiling and covered in all things blue and yellow, everyone is delighted to be at the stadium for their team's first ever game in the European Championship
Ukraine fans cheer and smile
Ukraine fans are all cheers and smiles, as they celebrate Andriy Shevchenko's goal against Sweden
Ukraine students hold their Ukraine football scarf
Ukraine students hold their football scarf and smile at the Euro 2012 match, while spectators behind are still mesmerised by the game