Diamond Jubilee: Blackheath High School's unique national anthem!

The pupils from Blackheath High School provide their unique take on the national anthem to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!

To mark the Diamond Jubilee, students at Blackheath High School in London came up with a fantastic idea of filming and editing their own unique take on the national anthem!

Groups of students from Years 7, 8 and 9 took a section of the national anthem lyrics on A4 card and decided on the location and style of filming.

They filmed themselves and uploaded the clips. Then the school rock band played the instrumental, and girls sang the lyrics for the audio track.

All this was edited by a team of Y9 girls to produce Blackheath's special national anthem for their Jubilee Assembly on Friday.

How was it for you?

Maya: "For our Jubilee film, we went to Mile End Climbing Wall, because it fitted well with the words 'Scatter her enemies and make them fall'.

Start Quote

Going around Whitehall was really fun. We filmed at lots of locations and had lots of ideas”

End Quote Blackheath High School pupil Isabel

"My Dad filmed me, Jess and our younger sisters falling off the wall onto the mats below, so it was like we were the enemies falling.

"Then we made some parts slow motion, and sped some parts up. It looked quite effective after editing and it was very fun to make it!"

Isabel: "Our group went around Whitehall, and we filmed at lots of different war memorials and the foreign office. It was really fun, even if the tourists started crowding around every time we tried to film!

"Going around Whitehall was really fun. We filmed at lots of locations and had lots of ideas. We all really enjoyed this project!"

Rosie: "We edited the film on iMovie, it wasn't a short task but we were very happy with the end result. We really enjoyed seeing all the clips as some of them were particularly inventive and entertaining."

Phoebe: "I really enjoyed editing the film as we got to use exciting equipment such as iMovie but it was quite a challenge as we had to sync the music with the clips but we managed to in the end and it turned out extremely well."

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