In pics: School Reporters mark Queen's Diamond Jubilee

1 June 2012 Last updated at 10:57

School Reporters reflect in pictures the various ways they've been celebrating the Queen's sixty year reign
Pupils from Blackheath High School release red, white and blue balloons
Pupils from Blackheath High School were so inspired by the Diamond Jubilee they've made their own video for the national anthem. And then back at school, they released red, white and blue balloons high in to the air. One student, Isabel, said "going around Whitehall was really fun. We filmed at lots of locations and had lots of ideas. We all really enjoyed this project!"
Buile Hill Visual Arts College jubilee street party banner with students
Pupils at Buile Hill Visual Arts College, Salford have had their own jubilee party. They decorated the school in red, white and blue and had a non-uniform day where students donated money for the charity 'Help for Heroes'. Their efforts paid off as they were able to raise £500!
Buile Hill Visual Arts College had jubilee-themed stalls for students and staff to browse
At break time Buile Hill Visual Arts College became a marketplace of stalls selling cupcakes, art work and there was even a nail bar where students could have their nails painted in the jubilee colours to raise money!
Colne Primet High School Exams Officer Emma Bannister dressed up in red, white and blue clothing
Colne Primet High School Exams Officer Emma Bannister was well and truly into the spirit of the Diamond Jubilee - ending the term in red, white and blue style!
Pupils from Colne Primet High School in Lancahire show off Diamond Jubilee certificates alongside Andrew Stevenson MP and Headteacher Janet Walsh
Briony, Jake, Jade, Chelsea, Shantay, Tasawar and Kurtis from Colne Primet High School in Lancahire proudly show off their Diamond Jubilee certificates, alongside their MP Andrew Stevenson and Headteacher, Janet Walsh
Pupils at Killermont Primary School dressed up to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee
At Killermont Primary School in Glasgow the pupils have already been getting into Diamond Jubilee mood, dressing up in red, white and blue and accessorised with hats and tiaras to celebrate the occasion
Decorated cupcakes
Special Jubilee cupcakes were served at Killermont Primary School as the pupils held a tea party in honour of the Queen. Mmmmmm!
Girls sitting down for Jubilee-themed tea party
Girls from Killermont Primary School sit down to enjoy their end of term Jubilee tea party complete with decorated cupcakes, Union flags and bunting!
Boys at Killermont Primary School eating cake at school tea party
Killermont Primary School boys' polish off the cakes to celebrate the Queen's sixty years on the throne
Pupils from Catmose College litter picking
Pupils from Catmose College have been getting into the Jubilee spirit by doing voluntary work within their community. They've been cleaning up a local park where special celebrations will be taking place over the bank holiday weekend
Catmose College students show off high visability jackets as they undertake litter picking
The young volunteers had high visability jackets lent to them by the council. School Reporter Annalise said "we had a lovely time and are keen to get involved with more community projects, thank you to Tesco for organising this"
Catmose College volunteers show off their hardwork with litter bags and gloves decorated with Union flags to mark the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
All of the volunteers showing off their hard work with litter bags and gloves decorated with Union flags. School Reporter Georgia summed up the day saying it "opened our eyes as to how people leave litter around. We all need to do our bit to help keep our beautiful countryside and towns tidy"
Word cloud
School Reporters from Lambeth Academy, Esher High School for Girls and The Priory School in Kent have been getting wordy whilst planning their coverage of the jubilee. This is their Diamond Jubilee Thames pageant word cloud.
School Reporters looking at archives
School Reports Seb, Helen and Ruth from Langtree School in Reading have been given access to the BBC's Royal archives to mark the Diamond Jubilee. They unearthed a letter suggesting that the BBC used 'camera trickery' in its coverage of the Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977!
Map of coronation procession route
Langtree's School Reporters were shown the original map of the Queen's coronation procession route from 1953. They were amazed at how detailed the BBC's planning for the coronation broadcast had been.
School Reporter and Sea Cadet Oliver, 15 who is taking part in the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant
Oliver, 15 from St Benedict's School in Ealing is taking part in the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant as he is a Sea Cadet. He says "I'm very excited about taking part in the floatilla but a little nervous too. Our boats are going to move in a diamond formation quite close behind the Queen and we will have to really concentrate to get the shape right after passing under each bridge."
Rutland's Sailability boat - The Wally Goldsmith - as it was launched
Catmose College School Reporters Dan, Sam and Lewis were proud to see the official launch of Rutland's contribution to the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant. The Wally Goldsmith has a six-man crew and the boys having been following and filming the boats progress before it left for London
School Reporters on Chelsea Bridge during the Thames Pageant
School Reporters Harriet, 12, and Chloe, 13, from Esher High in Surrey reported through the rain from Chelsea Bridge on the Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant. They said that the atmosphere was "electric"!
Flotilla and London Eye in background
The flotilla passes the London Eye and comes into sight for School Reporters from Lambeth Academy on Hungerford Bridge.
George and Aisha under an umbrella
Lambeth Academy's School Reporters George and Aisha persevere through the rain. George said "There is serious excitement in the air!"
School Reporters on London Bridge
Our third reporting team, Rebekah, Vaidehi and Kes from The Priory School in Kent, wave their flags on London Bridge as they wait for the boats in the Thames Pageant to appear on the horizon. Rebekah called the event "an iconic moment".
Spirit of Chartwell in pageant
The Spirit of Chartwell, carrying the Queen and other senior Royals, was the centrepiece of the pageant. School Reporter Vaidehi said: "Despite the weather everyone was still happy and eager to see the boats, especially the Royal barge and the Royal family"
School Reporters and choristers from St Paul's Cathedral School with Musical Director Andrew Carwood
School Reporters and choristers from St Paul's Cathedral School grabbed a quick word with Musical Director Andrew Carwood as he rehearsed with them ahead of the Service of Thanksgiving to mark the Queen's 60 years on the throne. He told them "it should all be ok!"