In pics: School Report 2012 Word Clouds

24 May 2012 Last updated at 16:14

Follow the development of School Reporters' thoughts about the Olympic Games in a visual way with our gallery of 2012 Word Clouds.
World Cloud from 17 May 2012
This was the very first School Report 2012 Word Cloud, with words like "Sports", "London" and, funnily enough, "Olympics" very prominent
World Cloud from 24 May 2012
A little later and it's noticeable that the words "fire" and "torch" are suddenly more prominent, with the Olympic torch relay capturing the nation's attention
World Cloud from 10 July 2012
With the Olympics getting ever closer, the latest Word Cloud seems to focus more on the competitive action that wil take place although it's interesting to see the presence of words like "sponsors" and "McDonalds" to show another side of the Games, Check back for more versions as the build-up continues...