In pics: Sporty Science goes In the Zone

15 May 2012 Last updated at 16:59

School Reporters from Wildern School in Southampton get the lowdown on the In the Zone exhibition at the School Games which focuses on science in sport
Schooler Reporters from Southampton get in the zone
Time for School Report to get In the Zone. It's an exhibition run by the Wellcome Trust and is touring the UK until September. It appeared at the School Games at the Olympic Park. It's all about science in sport and young reporters from Wildern School in Southampton immersed themselves
School Reporters take the high jump challenge
School Reporters Katie, Andrew, Grace, Elliot, Alex, Dan, Ollie tried out all the machines and kit that helps test things like your reactions, strength, fitness and endurance. This is the high jump machine and tests the muscles and tendons in your legs
School Reporters try the hand cycling test
Professional sport stars are using sport science more and more to help improve their performances and fitness and be the difference between a silver and gold medal. The School Reporters try the hand cycling test which looks at muscles, power and speed and also how fatigue can greatly affect performance
School Reporters talk to Dr Leah Holmes
One person who knows all about these machines is Dr Leah Holmes - Wellcome Trust's Project Manager of this Olympics-inspired public initiative. Holmes told School Reporters: "We're trying to build up excitement for the 2012 Games and encourage people to see all the amazing things the body can do."
More tests for School Reporters
Ready...steady.....GO! Another test helps to measure athletes' reaction times. This is a skill crucial for activities like returning tennis serves or bursting out of the sprinting blocks when you hear the gun
School Reporters talk to Dr Leah Holmes
Why's the exhibition important? Holmes told School Reporters: "It's about engaging people with science. Our aim is to enthuse and inspire people to find out about the science of their body." Wildern pupils said the day was "fun, informative, challenging". Perhaps there's time to get fit for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro?