School Games at the Olympic Park - as it happened

Key Points

  • About 1600 elite school-age athletes took part in the School Games, which are taking place from 6-9 May, with more than 30,000 spectators at the Olympic Park
  • Olympic Park venues hosting the action on 9 May included the Olympic Stadium, the Velodrome and the Aquatics Centre
  • 12 current/future Olympic and Paralympic sports: athletics, swimming, cycling, fencing, rugby sevens, gymnastics, hockey, badminton, judo, table tennis, volleyball and wheelchair basketball
    Later update:

    This came in after the School Report team had left the Olympic Park on Wednesday, but here's what pupils from St Paul's Catholic College in east Sussex made of their day at the School Games.

    Josh, 14, said: "We had a great trip; a real once in a lifetime opportunity. I don't think I'll ever get to go to such an amazing venue again. "

    Jo, 11, said: "It was fun to do all the challenges and great to see the stadium. We also saw this amazing swimmer with only one arm win one of the swimming events. He was incredible."


    So that's that. What a day it's been at the Olympic Park for everybody involved - the hundreds of elite school-age athletes, the thousands of spectators, the army of inspirational volunteers and helpers and the media team reporting on all the action.

    We'd like to say a special thank you to the School Games Youth Media Team who have worked tirelessly in interviewing athletes, taking pictures, editing material and everything else that has enabled them to produce their reports - great work!

    And, of course, to all the School Reporters who captured the emotion, the colour and the sheer excitement of being at the Park today.

    Next stop the Olympic Games.


    Some big news to round the day off... Prince Harry has been announced as the official president for the School Games.

    "I believe that sport can give people confidence and skills which set you up for life. It is so important to get outside and to keep physically and mentally fit. I am very honoured to become the president of the School Games," said Prince Harry.

    Chris, from Ormiston Venture Academy, has written this report about the news.


    Reporters from Hitchingbrooke School and Mountbatten School have created this report from the Aquatics Centre all about dealing with the pressure of being a young athlete.

    You can find many more reports from the School Games Youth Media Team at the Radiowaves website.


    Check out Newsround's report on the 2012 School Games - unfortunately School Reporter Ben didn't make the final edit but he had fun chatting to presenter Hayley about all the reporting he's been doing during the Games as part of the official Youth Media Team


    It would be a bit remiss of us not to mention the fact that the sporting action is all over for the day! The media centre is rapidly emptying, but thanks for reading on a great day for youth sport in the UK. If that didn't whet your appetite for the Olympics and Paralympics, nothing will!

    1745: Via Twitter

    From School Games: "Spellbound performing at the #SchoolGames closing ceremony! Can I say this....? Spellbinding! Amazing performance!"

    1732: Via Twitter

    From Sport England: "Congratulations to all competitors at this year's #SchoolGames finals, it's been an amazing couple of days of competition."


    The School Games have received the backing of several high-profile ambassadors, including 2004 Olympic gold medallist Jason Gardener. He found plenty of room for optimism about the future of British sport based on what he had seen in the Olympic Park.

    "I think this is a special occasion for children," he told BBC Sport today.

    "They will have been looking forward for months to getting this opportunity to compete in the Olympic stadium and it doesn't get any better for them but what is important is that they make the most of this opportunity because what you have here is our future stars.

    "These are our future GB athletes and medallists and it's great that they're able to go through the experiences and also learn from it so they can compete on that global stage at an Olympic or Paralympic Games in the future."


    As well as all the incredible sporting action we've seen over today, and indeed the last few days, the School Games has also been the stage for some remarkable volunteers.

    The International Inspiration project, run in partnership with the British Council, saw overseas volunteers helping out with everything from directing spectators around the vast Olympic Park and running results back to organisers to helping out at the badminton and fencing.

    Brooke and Charlotte from the prolific The Coleshill School interviewed some of the volunteers from Uganda, South Africa, Brazil and Trinidad & Tobago- why not check out this radio package telling the story?


    BBC Olympics reporter Nick Hope has been speaking to sporting stars in attendance at the Olympic Park today, including GB and England hockey player Alex Danson. Her take on the inspirational qualities of the event is really worth reading...

    "Today has just completely blown me away, I think there's 25 thousand young people here walking around the park I've seen someone win their race here in the Olympic stadium and to see the elation on their face has just been incredible," she said.

    "It's the first time I've experienced the Park with people around because when we train here we're on our own, but the buzz you get it just amazing.

    "It was an event almost identical to this that got me started. In 1999 I went to watch the GB hockey girls play in an Olympic qualifier and I went to Milton Keynes stadium and I remember being so excited that there were seats around the pitch and I was come tell blown away and that inspired me.

    "You think about how many young people are here today and are going to be inspired to go back to their schools and play in sports - its just an incredible venue and this is what it is all about in terms of legacy for London 2012."


    The School Games Youth Media Team are wrapping up their reports after four days of top-draw reporting. Check out everything they've been up to at their website.


    For their final School Games reporting assignment Kingsthorpe College students grabbed a quick photo op with Olympian and Youth Sport Trust Ambassador Gail Emms.

    Gail, who won a silver at the 2004 Athens Olympics in the mixed doubles, revealed that her inspiration to become an athlete and her first Olympic memory was watching - with her mum - when Sally Gunnell won 400m hurdle gold in Barcelona back in 1992.

    Asked how she found the experience of being inside the stadium, she said it was "amaziingly inspiring" to see it full of young people!


    The Aston Fields Middle School pupils are absolute stars as they shine when being interviewed live on BBC Hereford & Worcester's Andrew Easton programme.

    "It's truly mind blowing - the atmosphere is immense," said Alex.

    "I feel really lucky to have got the chance to come here and experience the Olympic Park.

    "And it's definitely better than being in school!"


    Students from New Charter Academy have a quick rainy rendezvous with School Report producer Josie as they leave the Aquatics Centre.

    Despite being a bit damp they say three cheers to their Olympic Park experience!


    Former Team GB Olympic silver medallist Gail Emms is chatting to an eager team of School Games Youth Media Team reporters in the press room, holding them rapt as she talks about what got her into her sport of badminton and her excitement ahead of the Olympics!


    The rain is bucketing down here at the Olympic Park, and students and School Reporters from JFS have just been spotted shelterign from the downpour in the Sainsbury's Active Kids area! There's a bit of a mass movement of bodies going on as spectators look to stay dry!


    Some results from the swimming, where Benjamin Kerry from England Central collected gold in the 400m Freestyle in a time of 4:06.79, while Elisha McCrory from England North won the 400m Freestyle for the Girls.


    Listen out for School Reporters from Aston Fields Middle School who should shortly be apearing on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester. The BBC reporter is heading off into the rain to find them!

    1600: Via Twitter

    From BBC Radio 5 live reporter Lesley Ashmall: "A young man at the School Games brought a tear to my eye: only competitor in ambulant 1500m. Crowd roared him round! Wonderful!"

    1556: Via Twitter

    From BBC Olympics reporter Nick Hope: "I'm at the Olympic Park A LOT & you can become 'blas\u00e9', but kids at the School Games remind you how special the place is!"


    A lot of very wet photographers have just traipsed in to the media room as the weather takes a turn for the worse in east London. "Chucking it down? It's horrible!" said intrepid lensman Nathaniel!


    There's lots of hard work going on in the media centre, with members of the School Games Youth Media Team editing their material for their reports which will be up on their website later. Keep your eyes peeled!


    Particularly loyal readers might remember that pupils from The Coleshill School appeared on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire's Breakfast Show this morning, talking about their experiences of being part of the media operation at the School Games. You can listen to their appearance on the show here.


    A bit more from Wildern School, where they interviewed Dr Leah Holmes, the Olympics projects manager at the Wellcome Trust - the charity which came up with the idea for the science of sport exhibition.

    She says the exhibition is "all about building on the excitement of 2012... this summer we're going to see the amazing things the human body can do here behind us at the Olympic Stadium".

    1507: Via Twitter

    From BBC Radio 5 live Sport and Olympics correspondent Gordon Farquhar: "At School Games. Stadium with public inside feels very different in a positive way. Complete. Colleagues @BBCSchoolReport working hard."

    We didn't ask him to say that. Honest.

    1504: Via SMS

    This just in from School Reporters Omar and Edona from the New Charter Academy: "We've just arrived at the Aquatics Centre and we have just watched the first swimming race. The atmosphere is phenomenal here and we are really looking forward to looking around the rest of the Park. We're really high up but we have a fantastic view.""

    1458: Via Email

    A result that our reporters from The North School in Kent: "Daryl Neita takes gold in the Girls' 100m final!"

    She clocked a time of 11.91 secs, pipping North East England's Kristie Edwards to first place.


    Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is among the celebrities here today, and has even been handing out medals at the Aquatics Centre! Girl power!

    1443: Via Twitter

    From the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association): "The crowd have been fantastic here at the #SchoolGames and are showing the athletes so much support!"

    1431: Via Twitter

    From School Games: "A new NATIONAL RECORD! Smashed it! Girls team sprint: East mids Hannah Blount and Grace Garner hit 36.957 Wales also broke NR with 37.787"


    The whole Park is really buzzing now, with lots of spectators - young and old alike - having arrived for the afternoon session of the various sports. If the Olympics and Paralympics have fans half as enthusiastic as this then we really are in for an amazing summer of sport.


    School Reporters from Wildern School in Hampshire have just had the chance to visit the In The Zone exhibition outside the Olympic Stadium. After exhausting themselves trying out some of the activities - all helping to tell the story of the science of sport - inside the Zone, the reporters gathered their breath enough to interview Leah Holmes of the Wellcome Trust, who explained much more about the initiative.

    Look out for more on this later on!


    Brooke from The Coleshill School in Warwickshire grabbed a few minutes with Health Secretary Andrew Lansley at the Velodrome.

    He was there watching the races and Brooke got the chance to ask him about the importance of the School Games and his role at this year's event.

    1331: Via Email
    Students in the Velodrome!

    Students from Cirencester Deer Park are clearly enjoying their time in the Velodrome!

    1248: Via Email

    Update from Cirencester Deer Park School: "We'resoaking up the atmosphere in the Velodrome for the School Games cheering on the South West."


    If you want to really feel the excitement of the day, listen to this fantastic piece of commentary from School Reporter Ben - who captured the moment during a thrilling race inside the Velodrome. Watch out Hugh Porter!


    We thought we ought to explain to everyone exactly what the School Games Youth Media Team that we keep mentioning is! And who better to explain that one of the members of that team, Chris from Ormiston Venture Academy.

    "The young media team is a group of 30 students, made up from schools across the country and are reporting on the School Games," he said.

    "We all entered a competition run by the Youth Sport Trust, and received training in some of the main areas of journalism."

    Primary school choir A primary school choir greet the visitors at the Aquatics Centre

    Nice touch over at the Aquatics Centre where visitors are being serenaded by a lovely primary school choir. Get over there and check them out if you're on site!


    Aston Fields Middle School reporters from the West Midlands are also in the Velodrome, and here's their take on what they've seen so far.

    "Exciting races, full of tension! Just mind blowing," said Emily and Georgia.

    "It's a great atmosphere and great fun." - Paul, and "Love the Velodrome, the cyclists were amazing!" - Jenny


    More results from the Velodrome, with Ellie Costa of Wales triumphing in the Girls' keirin, ahead of Hannah Blount and Eleanor Dickinson.


    The sandwiches are out inside the press room at the Olympic Stadium. Watch out for the flying elbows!

    1157: Via Twitter

    From School Games: "Incredible standard of athletics on show at the Olympic Stadium! Just think, the next time it's being used, will be for London 2012!"


    We're told that it's a toasty 28C inside the Velodrome which makes a nice contrast to the rather miserable weather outside!

    1131: Via Twitter

    From School Games: "The roof is going to lift off! A photo finish (at the Velodrome) after 40 laps! Amazing! LUCY SHAW wins it for West Midlands v East Midlandss Grace Garner!"


    Our intrepid reporters - part of the School Games Youth Media Team - from The Coleshill School, have collared health secretary Andrew Lansley at the Velodrome: look out for more on this later!


    We promised you some more updates from the Wildern School reporters at the Aquatic Centre... And here you go!

    Nathan said: "The aquatic centre is a very exciting environment."

    Andy said: "The event is bringing lots of different people together and it gives everybody a chance to see the Olympic Park which is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

    Anya said: "It's been a good experience to see the Olympic Park and the Aquatics Centre."


    Archie Mitchell of England South wins in the Boys 1500m Freestyle at the Aquatics - it was a close one!


    Nathaniel, 17 and Stefan, 16 from Kingsthorpe School are part of the Youth Media Team who've been reporting on the Games since Sunday.

    This morning they've been putting some impressive lens into use taking photos on the finish line of the Olympic Stadium track!

    They are pretty heavy bits of kit "we've got bit of backache but it's great".

    Stefan's top photography tips are to make sure your images are "clear and sharp"!


    Weather update from Glenn, one of the School Games Youth Media Team, at Colchester Royal Grammar School.

    "Let's just say that the weather in London can be described as classically British. Fortunately, however,it hasn't dampened the atmosphere here at the Olympic Park and everyone still appears to be enjoying this amazing event."


    Chris, from Ormiston Venture Academy in Norfolk, has been down in the Olympic Stadium mixed zone, where the media are able to grab a word with the athletes after competition.

    Here's some reaction from triple jumper Kerry Davidson, who told Chris that she had "trained really hard" for the event and that she had a "fantastic" day in the Park. Jack Lawrie, who ran in the 400m hurdles, said that he had really been pushed on by the team spirit.

    "I can't believe it, it's just a dream," he added

    1046: Via Twitter

    From School Games: "Scott Auld of England North East deserves a special mention... crash burns up arms, legs and all over his face and he is flying around the Velodrome."


    More from Charlotte at Coleshill School over at the Velodrome: "It's amazing, everyone is all hyped up in support of the athletes. The Velodrome is overwhelming - you don't realise how big it is. There are special doors to make sure the wind doesn't hit the athletes!"

    1043: Via SMS

    From St Richards Catholic College: "The velodrome is amazing! And the South East are on a winning streak!"

    1032: Via SMS

    From the School Reporters at New Charter Academy: "We're on their way to the UK School games at the Olympic Park in London to watch the swimming. We are so excited!!!"


    When someone is over 6ft 5" high and possesses five Olympic gold medals, they are worth listeng to. School Reporters met the rowing legend Sir Steve Redgrave to hear about importance of science in sport and how an experiment kit measuring blood pressure, pulse rate and lung capacity as part of an initiative by the Wellcome Trust's In The Zone could lead to more medals in the future.

    The In The Zone people are here at the Olympic Park today with a touring exhibition, and we're hoping to visit later!

    The School Reporters from Wildern School Getting ready to watch the swimming in the Aquatics Centre

    Students and young reporters from Wildern School in Hampshire have taken their seats in the Aquatics Centre - watch out for more updates from them to come!


    Just to go back to the 100m final - that time of 10.84 for Ronnie Wells is seriously impressive, especially in the rain! The Exeter Harriers runner, running here for England South West, pipped Jack Lawrence, who clocked a time of 10.96 with Reuben Arthur in third.

    Hayley Cutts Hayley poses on the 100m track!

    Newsround presenter Hayley Cutts just popped over for a chat. "It's the first time I've been in the Olympic Park and just to touch the track is so exciting because in just a few weeks' time Usain Bolt will be running on it," she said.

    "The kids here are really buzzing and it's great to see such amazing achievements."


    Ronnie Wells... remember the name because this fella has just put in a stunning display to win the Boys 100m in a time of 10.84! More to follow in a sec!

    1007: Via Twitter

    From Jason Gardner: "We have some super talented athletes competing here at the #schoolgames in the Olympic venues. The future is bright!"


    Some results coming in from the Acquatics Centre, where Linda Shaw from England North has just won the Girl' 50m freestyle in a time of 26.96 secs, while Daniel Jones from Wales took the Boys' race in 24.40. Congrats!

    We'll try to include plenty of results today, but with so much going on all over the Park it's also a good idea to check out the School Games website for a comprehensive list of all the latest results.


    More from our friends at The Coleshill School, who are over at the Velodrome...

    Matt: "It's good, we're getting started now and that's the fun of it."

    Ben, 13, "I'm doing a little bit of presenting in the Velodrome. I've never done anything like this before." Good luck guys!

    The reporting team are off to film some shots of the outside of the velodrome, while Brooke and Charlotte have been busy recording some links for a radio package. But they are braving the rain too!


    There are lots of School Reporters here at the Olympic Park today, both behind the scenes and in the spectator seats. If you want any last-minute reporting tips on covering big sporting events, why not watch this School Report masterclass? The BBC's Sonali Shah has presented the 2008 Olympics, the Cricket World Cup and Wimbledon so check out her advice on how to inform and entertain your audience.

    0955: Via Twitter

    From Sport England: "Good luck to all the young people who are competing at the @_SchoolGames today - it should be a great climax to an excellent three days."


    One of the UK's top young wheelchair racers is Sheikh Sheikh. He'll be flying round the Olympic track on Wednesday at the School Games in the 100m and 200m. Hear about his love for speed, Formula 1 and his lust for medals - golden ones in this radio package made by the BBC 2012 Community Reporters.

    Emma Pang, centre Emma waits for her medal ceremony

    Another of Monday's gold medallists was 15-year-old Emma Pang, emerging victorious after her final in the -48kg judo event against Eve Mikhael at the ExCeL Centre. "I really enjoyed being out there and winning a gold medal at a London 2012 venue," she said. "I am young enough to come back next year and I will definitely be looking to collect another medal."

    0945: Via Twitter

    BBC Radio 5 live reporter Lesley Ashmall: "In Olympics stadium for #schoolgames for @bbc5live - Lucky kids to run here..."


    An update from School Games Youth Media Team member Tom, on his arrival at the Olympic Park: "A friendly welcome from all the stewards here, although I wonder how long their enthusiasm will last!

    "Not the best weather but it fails to drown at the sheer scale of the Park - amazing!"


    Not long to go to one of the eagerly anticipated highlights of the day, with the boy's 100m final going off at 0950 BST. Just imagine running down the very same track where Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay and Yohan Blake will be sprinting down not very long from now.

    Joe Widdowson and Ryan Whatmough

    The first medals of the Games were snapped up on Monday by para-cycling double act Ryan Whatmough and Joe Widdowson, edging out their rivals in a sprint finish to the Tandem Crit(erion?). And the England North West obviously weren't satisfied with just the one gold, as they quickly followed that up with victory in the Tandem Road Race at Redbridge Cycling Centre too! Hats off boys! "It's gone beyond our expectations," said Whatmough, 16. "I've never been to an event like this before, it's such a phenomenal atmosphere and everyone has been great."


    The Olympic Park really is a sight to behold as you arrive, and here's Rory, 15, from Colchester Royal Grammar School's impression of it. "My first though was 'wow, this is the Olympic Park' and once the Stadium came into view the rain and wetness was forgotten, and the grandeur of the place took over."


    BBC Breakfast have been reporting on the School Games, talking to competitors and - as luck would have it - Ellie Simmonds as well. Reporter Tim Muffett was at the ExCeL Centre on Tuesday where he watched the judo, volleyball and many other sports. And Tim's also in attendance at the Park today. You can see the TV package which went out this morning here, and on the right-hand side of the screen any minute now.


    BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire were as good as their word, obviously! The pupils from Coleshill School have literally just come off the airwaves after speaking about their experiences of reporting on the Games for the last few days.

    Brooke explained: "We're part of the Youth Media Team and we've been working since Saturday on producing content and reporting. We've been focusing on the values and making content - blogs, photos and everything.

    The reporters got the chance to interview Parlalympic swimming star Ellie Simmonds on Tuesday, and you can see their hard work on the Radiowaves website.


    We said it's a bit damp and drizzly, and here's a photo to prove it!

    The Olympic Stadium It's not the most glorious of days in Stratford, weather-wise at least!

    More of the School Games Youth Media Team and School Reporters from the Coleshill School are over at the Velodrome press centre and are hopng to feature live on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire. We'll let you know how that goes!


    We've got a fantastic media team in situ here in Stratford, with the School Games Youth Media Team getting behind the scenes to report on all the action over the four days. Here's a first update from one member of that team, Glenn, who has just arrived in the media room in the Olympic Stadium: "Over the past few days the Sainsbury's 2012 School Games has been awesome but today has just gone to another level. To be here at the Olympic Park is just such a fantastic experience."


    It's a pretty damp and drizzly day here at the Olympic Park, so it will be another test for the athletes in the Stadium. Not quite so much of a problem for the swimmers of course!


    Let's have a deep breath and start again.... Good morning everyone, and welcome to the 2012 School Games, live from the Olympic Park! Hundreds of elite school-age athletes have the chance to compete in some of the band spanking new London 2012 venues today - the very same places where sporting superstars like Usain Bolt, Sir Chris Hoy and Michael Phelps will be competing in just a few weeks' time.


    Apologies everyone, a few technical gremlins early on down here at the Olympic Park! We'll do our best to get them sorted and tell the story of the day...


    So to give you a quick overview of the 2012 School Games, the event features 1600 of the very best young athletes in the UK in 12 sports, ranging from judo and wheelchair basketball to rugby sevens and athletics. The action has been taking place since Sunday afternoon at a variety of venues, and culminates today in the Olympic Park.


    So to give you a quick overview of the 2012 School Games, the event features 1600 of the very best young athletes in the UK in 12 sports, ranging from judo and wheelchair basketball to rugby sevens and athletics. The action has been taking place since Sunday afternoon at a variety of venues, and culminates today in the Olympic Park.


    School Report test 2


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