Olympic torch relay: Day 68

School Reporters at torch relay in Wembley Image copyright School Report
Image caption School Reporters Maryan And Sahra at the torch relay in Wembley
School Reporters bring Wembley torch arrival to life!

On the day that the first competitive action of the 2012 Olympics gets under way in Cardiff, the Olympic torch nears the end of its journey, travelling from Harrow to Haringey.

School Reporters from Ark Academy in Wembley are out on location to report on the torch's journey to the stadium, which hosts the Olympic football. You can read their latest updates below.

The TeamGB women's football team kick-off against New Zealand at 1600 BST, to finally end years of waiting and anticipation.

School Reporters from Macmillan Academy in Middlesbrough recently took the opportunity to put questions to coach Hope Powell and two of her players at a press conference held at the Riverside Stadium.

As well as the pupils who are reporting on the day, other schools along the route have been covering Olympic stories.

Latest updates

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Image caption Popped out for some Irish dancing shows and found an Olympic torch relay... typical!

1218: The School Reporters have just inteviewed Gola, a Russian lady living in London who popped out to buy some Irish dancing shoes and found thousands of people as she emerged from the tube station!

"I had no idea it would be here," she admitted. "It's so nice but it was very sudden!"

1203: Maryan interviewed local resident Christina Carlton, who came with her children who had made a homemade torch.

"We're having a wonderful celebration and we're going to the park afterwards to join in with the celebrations there too," she said.

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Image caption Sahra gets another interviewee to talk to her in Wembley

1201: Sahra, 12, has been interviewing Nisha, one of the spectators whose beautiful hat caught her eye in the crowd.

"I bought this hat at a market stall - it's a Mexican hat - for the Jubilee, and when I was coming out today, I thought why not!," she said.

1152: Here's Maryan's initial take on the scene at Wembley.

"I can see many people waiting for the torch with all their banners, and people are shouting and cheerig as the policeman walk up and down the street," she said.

"I feel really excited and can't wait for the torch to arrive."

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Image caption The School Reporters 'vox' a waiting spectator

1133: The School Report team took the opportunity to interview - or vox pop in the journalistic jargon - some of the spectators who have gathered in Wembley to see why they came out and what they think about the relay.

1125: School Reporters Maryan and Sahra from the Ark Academy are in position in Wembley to report on the torch's arrival at a location which is synonymous with sport in Britain. You can see their photo at the top of the page!

Women's football in the spotlight

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Image caption The School Reporters reported from the Riverside Stadium

School Reporters from Macmillan Academy had the chance to meet up with the TeamGB women's football squad ahead of the start of the Olympic Games.

TeamGB stars ready to make Olympic history

As well as being members of the first ever women's football team to represent Britain at the Games, the players will also be the first to compete in the 2012 Olympics when they kick off against New Zealand at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Team GB's coach Hope Powell answered questions from reporters Jordan, Trib and Harriet during the press conference and the pupils also got to watch a first-hand view of a training session and to interview players Kim Little and Eniola Oluko.

2012 reporting

School Reporters from The Compton School in North Finchley looked into the construction of the Olympic Park, and interviewed one of their fellow pupils George, on his experience of visiting the Olympic Park.

George thought the Olympic Park looked "amazing" and during his interview commented on the transformation of the site.

Don't forget...

The BBC's torch relay website at www.bbc.co.uk/torchrelay is the perfect place to keep across everything, watch the torch's journey continuously and get full details of the route.

For tips on reporting the Olympic torch relay, visit our special learning resource for some advice on how to cover it when it comes to your area.

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