Olympic torch relay: Day 19

Wednesday will see the Olympic flame make a historic visit to Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, as it continues its journey, while School Reporters are on hand in Belfast to report on the torch's return to the city.

The School Report team from Carrickfergus College in County Antrim have managed to grab an interview with British Olympic legend Dame Mary Peters, who won gold in the pentathlon at the 1972 Games in Munich.

And they have also been taking photos and carrying out interviews with members of the public about what they think of having the torch in their city.

And not content with that, the School Reporters have also interviewed sisters Dempsey and Brooke, who both attend the school and had the privilege of being torchbearers on Monday, and also indie band General Fiasco who play at the evening celebration in Belfast.

Latest updates

1840: It's been a very busy day for the Carrickfergus College School Reporters! They've been out and about in Belfast all day and putting their interviewing skills to good use!

They spoke to sisters Brooke and Dempsey who both got the chance to carry the Olympic torch. You can listen to their interview here.

1755: We told you earlier that the team had interviewed Dame Mary Peters - and now you can watch their chat with her.

1615: The team have been sending lots of pictures back to School Report HQ - check out a photo gallery of their day.

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Image caption The team have been out and about in Belfast

We also have more details about their interview with Mary Peters, who won a gold medal for Britain in the pentathlon at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

She told them: "I think the Olympics is about bringing the youth of the world together in peace and harmony."

"And the fact that the flame has come to the island of Ireland for the very first time, I think is very significant.

It's lighting everybody's imagination and [I'm] hoping that it'll make young people like you all interested in sport in the future."

1420: It's been a busy time for the reporting team from Carrickfergus College. They are in Belfast reporting on preparations for the torch's arrival in the city this afternoon.

They've been doing vox pops near City Hall and have even managed to land interviews with Olympic gold medallist Dame Mary Peters and dance duo Twist and Pulse.

Sister Act

School Reporter Lucy has already been reporting on Carrickfergus College's torchbearing sisters, Dempsey and Brooke, who both carried the torch on Monday.

"At age 15, Dempsey is an award winning ice-skater and will carry the iconic torch on route through the Comber Road to Dundonald," wrote Lucy.

"Brooke, 14, is a medal winning dancer and keen model, will have the honours of carrying the official Olympic flame through her local area in Dundonald on the same day.

"What an exciting time for the Andrews family - the proud parents Nicola and Billy are very excited and over the moon at the news and at the latest achievements of their daughters, commenting 'What a very special day it will be.'

"The girls' brother Blaine is so proud of his two sisters.

"The 2012 Olympic Torch will be another trophy they can place in their overflowing award and trophy cabinet; this will be the biggest trophy yet."

Lucy added: "We hope they bring along their Olympic torches and don't go down the route of selling them on eBay!"

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Image caption The team have been out and about in Belfast