Olympic torch relay: Day 70

Four-time Olympic gold medallist Matthew Pinsent with the Olympic flame Image copyright PA

Finally, after 70 stops across the UK, and coverage from excited School Reporters across the country, the Olympic torch reaches the stadium in London today.

When it gets there, London 2012 will officially begin, and people across the world will be looking at the UK for the next few weeks.

School Reporters all along the route have been working hard, covering the Games and other events for months, including students in the shadow of the stadium, in Newham.

Stratford pupils welcome the Olympics

All eyes will be on Stratford as the world's greatest athletes compete for Olympic glory this summer.

But for students at Sarah Bonnell School, the Games are about more than just sport.

Their school is close enough to the Olympic Park that they can see the stadium. The girls think that having the Olympics on their doorstep will make a big difference to people in their area.

In the words of one student: "It's a really great time for Stratford and London as a whole, it's a big time not only for people who like sports but for everyone".

What 2012 means to East London students

Image copyright School Report
Image caption What the Olympics means to students in East London

For students at The Phoenix School in Hackney, having the Olympic Games in East London means a lot.

Jamie, 13, has been thinking about the importance of the Olympics, he thinks that the Games being in London will be "a good opportunity for people, a lot of people from all over the world can link up with Great Britain".

The Games inspired Jamie to get into sport as he has taken up kayaking, he will "be really cheering on our team, Great Britain!"

Full of excitement, Jamie is also thinking ahead suggesting he "might even go to another Olympics".

International schools welcome the Olympics

Students at British Council schools around the world have been sending School Report their messages of support for the athletes and teams competing at the London 2012 Olympics.

From India to Rwanda, 13 international schools have sent in their well wishes for the Games.

Horrible Histories of the Torch Relay

Corresponding with the torch relay, "Horrible Histories" author Terry Deary has been providing School Report with a series of instalments on the gruesome bits of Brtiain's history.

Here is our final instalment speaking about "The Austerity Olympics" in London 1948.

Find out all about the "designer drugs" of the 1948 Games and why a bra strap caused a British female athlete to miss out on a gold medal!

Winning the ticket race

St Angela's Ursuline School in Newham are definitely excited about the Games. Not only is the Olympic Park in their neighbourhood but they also have tickets for lots of events through the Ticketshare scheme.

School Reporters Francesca and Elaine started the reporting on the day when the tickets would be announced.

See their reaction when they found out!

2012 reporting

Morpeth School have reported on the safety measures that the organisers have long prepared for, to ensure a successful games.

School Reporters Hannah and Farjana, described the efforts of the RAF to "face potential threats".

Furthermore, they discover governments plan to maintain safety throughout the games, which could include the help of the public.

Don't forget...

The BBC's torch relay website at www.bbc.co.uk/torchrelay is the perfect place to keep across everything, watch the torch's journey continuously and get full details of the route.

For tips on reporting the Olympic torch relay, visit our special learning resource for some advice on how to cover it when it comes to your area.

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