Olympic torch relay: Day 67

BBC producer and torchbearer Stuart Hughes with the School Reporters from Uxbridge High School Image copyright School Reporter
Image caption BBC producer and torchbearer Stuart Hughes with the School Reporters from Uxbridge High School

The Olympic torch continues its journey round the London boroughs, travelling through from Kingston to Ealing - and School Reporters are out and about (even in their summer holidays!) to report on the occasion.

Five pupils from Uxbridge High School are on location in Hillingdon this afternoon, so stay tuned for their updates and photos!

And as well as the students who are in action today, lots of School Reporters have already been working on Olympics and 2012-related stories.

Latest updates

1515: The School Reporters grabbed another word with BBC producer and torchbearer Stuart Hughes after his run with the torch, and found him in exuberant mood.

Torchbearer revels in 'best experience'

"It's been such an exciting day when I was at the start line I had my little boy with me who's five years old, so it was really exciting to see him: he look as bewildered as I did!," said Stuart.

"And as soon as the torch relay got under way I didn't know whether to run and show I could run fast or to walk and enjoy it as much as I could.

"But it was a really, really exciting day and I've just been amazed so many people turned out all along the route. It's just the best experience of my life."

School Reporter Amelia quizzes BBC producer Stuart Hughes

1435: School Reporter Amelia interviewed Stuart Hughes, the BBC producer who got to carry the torch today and found out some fascinating details about how he got into journalism and what inspired him.

"I knew from quite a young age, I was about seven or eight and I started listening to shortwave radio and twiddle the dials and hear radio stations from all around the world," he said.

"I thought it was really exciting - I'd never left home and I was hearing all these stories from far away countries and I thought: 'I want to do that'."

Stuart explained that he went to university to study English and worked on his university's student newspaper, did journalism for uni and then went to local radio station not paid, and eventually gave me a job!

School Reporter Amelia describes torch anticipation

1310: School Reporter Amelia has been describing the atmosphere and the scene as the crowds gather to welcome the torch to Hillingdon.

She talked about the excitement in the air and the crowds that had gathered to witness the torch coming to town.

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Image caption Stuart Hughes talks to School Reporters from Uxbridge High School about being a torchbearer

1230: The School Reporters have spoken to BBC producer Stuart Hughes ahead of his torchbearing stint at approximately 1350 BST.

He told them that he "felt lucky to be alive" after his accident with a landmine in Iraq in 2003 while covering the conflict in the country for the BBC. He lost his right leg as a result of the explosion, while cameraman Kaveh Golestan was killed.

Stuart has insisted on turning the incident into a positive, returning to work and become a campaigner against the use of landmines.

Swimming hope for the Olympics

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Image caption School Reporters talked to Rachael Kelly via the phone

School Reporters Louise and Noah from St Benedict's School in Ealing interviewed Rachael Kelly, a British swimmer.

She told them that being a swimmer means a lot of tough training, and that racing for Olympic qualification could be hard.

She's still at school herself, and the students chatted to her about how difficult it could be to balance being an athlete with school work and her social life.

More 2012 reporting

Luke, from Grey Court School, reported on Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington winning the 800m freestyle at the British trials to qualify for London 2012.

Despite claiming to be nervous prior to the swim she completed it in a commendable time of eight minutes 18:54 seconds!

Meanwhile, School Reporters from Dormers Wells High School travelled to Ealing Broadway to interview local people about the Olympics.

They ask them their thoughts on the allocation of tickets, sustainability and how they feel the Games will have an impact on the area.

While most responses were very positive, some people were worried about excessive traffic and disorganisation during the event.

Don't forget...

The BBC's torch relay website at www.bbc.co.uk/torchrelay is the perfect place to keep across everything, watch the torch's journey continuously and get full details of the route.

For tips on reporting the Olympic torch relay, visit our special learning resource for some advice on how to cover it when it comes to your area.

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