Olympic torch relay: Day 61

The Olympic torch continues to generate excitement on its epic journey around the UK, travelling along the south coast today, starting in Hastings before making its last port of call in Dover.

School Reporters from Dover College and The North School have been reporting on the Olympics for some time already, including an interview with one of today's torchbearers.

They have looked into Olympic sports you might not have heard of and how thousands of students can get tickets to see events as well as lots of other stories!

And Horrible Histories author Terry Deary has dug out the story of a special piece of aviation history in Dover as part of his series for School Report.

Horrible Histories: Dover and out!

Terry Deary on Dover's moment of aviation history

In 1909, Louis Blériot flew "Dover and out" over the White Cliffs as he became the first man to fly the channel in a heavier than air machine.

Despite difficult weather conditions and a bumpy landing, Blériot was unhurt after the crossing and completed it in 36 minutes and 30 seconds.

Landing near Dover Castle and reunited with his wife, Blériot was surrounded by a cheering crowd of spectators. Blériot was an instant celebrity. That's a bit Dover the top, don't you think?

Getting hold of Olympic tickets

Thousands of students are finding out what Games events they will be attending in London

In March, schools discovered where the 175,000 Olympics tickets reserved for students would go.

School Reporters from The North School in Ashford went to the Olympic Park to talk to Lord Coe about the ticketing process.

They also reported on how lucky students from their school could get tickets.

Promoting minority sports

School Reporters speak to Lord Coe about minority sports

London 2012 chief Lord Coe tells School Reporters from Dover College what he is aiming to do to promote minority sports, such as handball, in the UK.

It has been an Olympic sport since 1976, but is not as popular in the UK as in other countries.

Guy and Molly took handball back to their school to see if they could get other students interested.

More reporting

The North School is a real hotbed of activity when it comes to Olympic reporting!

There are stories on the Olympic tickets scheme, using the Olympics to enliven normal classroom lessons, a look at what sports and events are particularly interesting the school's students and a look at the school's past - and possibly - future Olympians.

And top of the bill is an interview with PE teacher Mr Sunderland, who will be a torchbearer.

Speaking to School Reporters, Mr Sunderland said being chosen as a torchbearer "seems very surreal given all the history of the Olympics but it's a dream to be a part of it".

He was nominated for his work with the North School basketball academy and will be running with the torch between Dover and Hastings.

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