Olympic torch relay: Day 43

The Holyhead School pupils form the Olympic rings Image copyright School Report
Image caption Pupils from Holyhead School get together to form the Olympic rings

The Olympic torch stays in the Midlands today, crossing from east to west on the way to Birmingham and School Reporters will once again be telling the story of its travels.

When it goes through Wolverhampton, the Blue Peter team - on their Big Olympic Tour - will be there to cover it, helped by School Reporters from North East Wolverhampton Academy who have produced a report on the relay's journey.

However, students in the region have been working on Olympic stories for a long time. They made reports during News Day earlier this year, and even when the torch relay route was announced late last year.

Blue Peter Roadshow hits Wolverhampton

The Blue Peter team is broadcasting from West Park in Wolverhampton today, with the show broadcast live on BBC Two at 10:00 BST.

School Reporters from North East Wolverhampton Academy have been working behind the scenes with the Blue Peter production team to produce a report about where the torch has been this week and introduce us all to some of the local delights!

The torch outside London

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Image caption School Reporters Hawa, Manisha and Raman from St John Wall Catholic School

Students from St John Wall Catholic School have been reporting on preparations for the Torch Relay since the route was announced last year.

They made a radio report exploring how the torch will get around their area, in unusual ways.

The route of the Olympic Torch Relay is designed to travel within an hour of 95% of the UK's population, giving millions of people the chance to get involved.

Will the Torch Relay help bring the Games to life outside London?

School Reporters Hawa, Manisha and Raman from St John Wall Catholic School in Handsworth travelled to the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley to find out more about the torch's journey - via tram and canal boat - through the area.

Their report, which was broadcast on BBC WM, also looked at whether the torch's trawl across the region will help bring the Olympics to life outside of London.

Manisha also wrote about her experiences for this article on the School Report website

Holyhead's Olympic connections

Jamaica and the US have both chosen to send their track and field athletes to Birmingham to prepare for the Games.

Pupils from Holyhead School find out how arrangements for a Jamaica training camp are going

Pupils from Holyhead School have investigated how the city is preparing to welcome the Jamaican team and found out what special arrangements have been made to help the athletes get a good night's sleep.

School Reporter Arshpreet, 13, is excited about the Games coming to the UK.

"It will be amazing to have such sporting superstars as Usain Bolt in Birmingham training not far from our school," she said.

And the school has also been getting involved in a special Olympic-related art project at the school. You can see the result in the amazing photo at the top of the page!

"On Tuesday 19 June, Holyhead School created their very own Olympic rings. The day involved over 250 staff and students working collaboratively to bring this unusual piece of art together," wrote School Reporters Jasmine and Arshpreet in their report.

"The first thing we did was to organise the students, and gave them each a coloured t-shirt to represent the colours of the rings.

"As we were handing out the t-shirts we could sense excitement in the air as the students waited in anticipation for the picture to be taken.

"As well as the main picture being taken, I managed to get some photos of everyone preparing for the event: teachers measuring the circles very accurately, students in the brightly coloured t-shirts and, as soon as everything was perfect, it was lights, camera, action!

"Unfortunately, we were unable to be in the final picture due to our reporting responsibilities. However, we enjoyed being involved with this rare event.

"The most amazing part of the day was that the Olympic rings photograph was Holyhead's idea. What a unique experience - Wow!"

Boxing clever

Earlier in the preparation cycle for the Olympics, organisers began to hold a series of test events in some of the venues which will host the action during the Games.

The ExCeL Centre in east London will host seven sports, and two School Reporters from Deansfield Community School in Wolverhampton got the chance to report on the opening day of the first test event at the venue.

2012 reporting

Paulet High School pupils have been reporting on their own Olympic hopeful.

School reporters Katie, Ben and Jack interviewed Matt - a pupil at the school - who hopes that one day he will win a gold medal in sprint canoeing.

They discussed how Matt, who is currently in the GB sprint canoe squad, worked his way to become the number one ranked in GB, eighth in Europe and 14th in the world.

The trio discovered that as an aspiring Olympian, Matt nevertheless enjoys the occasional McDonald's meal as a treat inbetween his usual special diet!

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