Olympic torch relay: Day 17

Northern Ireland is again home to the Olympic torch as it makes its way from Coleraine to Londonderry, and School Reporters from Sandelford Special School have been doing a great job of telling its story.

Reporters Caolan and Sean interviewed local rower Seamus Reynolds, who will be taking the Olympic flame down the River Bann. He told them he is a bit nervous as he'll be carrying the torch whilst on a rowing boat!

The reporting team also found out what a local primary school is doing to mark the occasion.

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Image caption Hezlett School have made their own torches to mark the Olympic flame coming near them

And they also interviewed two more torchbearers in the shape of Adam Hayes and Paul Meikle.

Well done Liam, Macaulay, Alexander, Chad, Emma, Caolan, Sean and Patrick for your reporting efforts!

We have also been using our daily Olympic torch relay pages as a great way to showcase some of the first-class 2012 reporting already done by schools.

And once again it's Sandelford Special School who have been impressing everybody with their reporting, this time on the Paralympic torch.

What does the torch mean to schools along the route?

If the Paralympic Torch comes to your town how would you feel and why?

I would feel excited, because it is the first time I have seen the torch.

Patrick, 16

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Image caption Caolan, Alexander, Macaulay (back row), Sean and Patrick

We would like to hold it, but we would need to be very careful because it is fire and that can be dangerous.

Caolan, 14 and Macaulay, 15

If you could decide where the Paralympic Torch visited in Northern Ireland what landmark or place would you recommend and why?

Belfast, Derry and Lisburn because these are the three cities in Northern Ireland and if it came to all three then everyone in Northern Ireland would have easy access to go and visit the torch if they wanted to.

Caolan, 14

Who would you like to run in the relay and why?

Phil Packer [a former British army officer told he would never walk again after being seriously injured serving in Iraq, who has gone on to undertake several physical challenges for charity] because he deserves it because he has worked so hard to walk again after his back injury.

Patrick, 16

Mark (our football coach) because he trains us for football.

Alexander, 16

Etta (our BBC mentor) because she has helped us so much with our School Report interviews.

Macaulay, 15

Rihanna, because she's famous

Sean, 15

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