Olympic torch relay: Day 16

The Olympic rings beside a statue of Queen Victoria at Belfast City Hall The Olympic rings beside a statue of Queen Victoria at Belfast City Hall

After arriving in Belfast on Saturday evening, the Olympic torch is spending its first full day in Northern Ireland and School Report is helping to tell the story of its travels.

Having two torchbearers in the same family is a pretty special achievement, and that's exactly what School Reporter Lucy from Carrickfergus College has been reporting on.

School Report has also been working with Horrible Histories author Terry Deary to tell some of the more unusual - and, frankly, horrible - stories about places along the route, and today sees him reveal the tale of a nasty rumour in Belfast!

And School Report has also been using the relay as he perfect excuse to showcase some of the great 2012 and Olympics-related reporting that School Reporters have already been up to, so read on to see what we've uncovered!

Sister Act

Dempsey and Brooke from Carrickfergus College are sisters and they will both get to carry the flame. School Reporter Lucy, also a pupil at the school, sent us this report.

"At age 15, Dempsey is an award winning ice-skater and will carry the iconic torch on route through the Comber Road to Dundonald," wrote Lucy.

Start Quote

The proud parents Nicola and Billy are very excited and over the moon at the news and at the latest achievements of their daughters”

End Quote

"Brooke, 14, is a medal winning dancer and keen model, will have the honours of carrying the official Olympic flame through her local area in Dundonald on the same day.

"What an exciting time for the Andrews family - the proud parents Nicola and Billy are very excited and over the moon at the news and at the latest achievements of their daughters, commenting 'What a very special day it will be.'

"The girls' brother Blaine is so proud of his two sisters.

"The 2012 Olympic Torch will be another trophy they can place in their overflowing award and trophy cabinet; this will be the biggest trophy yet."

The School Report team are hoping to interview Dempsey and Brooke on 6 June.

Lucy added: "We hope they bring along their Olympic torches and don't go down the route of selling them on eBay!"

A 'Horrible' rumour

Horrible Histories author Terry Deary tells the story of a wicked rumour about the Titantic.

The Olympic torch relay will visit the site of the Belfast shipyard where Titantic was designed and built as it visits Northern Ireland.

When the ship sank in 1912, rumours about what caused the tragedy spread across Belfast.

Watch Horrible Histories author Terry Deary explain these wicked whispers.

What does the torch mean to schools on the route?

School Reporters from Carrickfergus College talked about their views of being on the Paralympic torch route ahead of the torch relay.

What do you think about the Paralympic Games and torch relay coming to the UK?

Hannah and Rebecca, Carrickfergus College Hannah and Rebecca

I think it is a really exciting time as we are used to watching the Games when they are being held in far-off cities like Beijing and Athens. Now we have the chance to be involved and to promote the UK on the world stage.

Hannah, 14

If the Paralympic torch comes to your town how would you feel and why?

If the torch came to out town we would feel very privileged. It would be an opportunity to encourage tourists to come and visit the area. This kind of thing doesn't happen very often so it would be an honour to be involved.

Rebecca, 14

If you could decide where the Paralympic Torch visited in the Carrickfergus area what landmark or place would you recommend and why?

I think the torch should visit Carrickfergus Castle as it is our most famous landmark and it is somewhere to be proud off. It has such history and is very recognisable so this would be an excellent backdrop for the relay.

Jack, 14

I think the torch should visit our school, Carrickfergus College. We are involved in a lot of sporting activities and when pupils from our school compete against pupils from other schools we tend to do very well.

Lauren, 15

Are you looking forward to the torch relay and Paralympic Games? If so, why?

Yes I am looking forward to the torch relay and the Paralympic Games because, for me, they are more exciting to watch. Some of the stories from the people involved are really inspirational and change the way you see things.

Jack, 14

Who would you like to run in the relay and why?

I think it would be great if Kenneth Branagh or Liam Neeson were to get involved as they are two of the most successful actors to come from Northern Ireland and we are very proud of their achievements. Snow Patrol are also brilliant and should be involved.

Hannah, 14

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