Olympic torch relay: Day 14

Celebrations at the torch relay in Bolton Day 14 got off to a spectacular start at Victoria Square in Bolton


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Two weeks in, and the Olympic torch relay is still drawing crowds wherever it travels in the UK.

Day 14 sees the torch go from Bolton to Liverpool, but School Reporters along the route have been making the news on Olympic stories and the torch relay already.

Students from one school in Liverpool have been reporting on one of the lesser-known sports which a British team will be playing in.

And other schools in the area have already been making Olympic and 2012-related content, and the torch relay gives us the perfect excuse to show it off!

Handball medal hopes studied

Students at Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School in Liverpool play handball

Students in Liverpool have been investigating the growing interest in the sport of handball ahead of the London 2012.

The pupils from Cardinal Heenan High School also wanted to find out what the British handball team's chances of Olympic success were.

And they also explained some of the key features of the sport for sports fans who are unfamiliar with it.

"It's like football except you use your hands," said one first-time handballer!

'A once in a lifetime experience'

School Reporters at The De La Salle Academy in Liverpool have been working on the torch relay long before today.

When the route was officially announced in November last year, they gave their perspective.

De La Salle Pupils from De La Salle academy in Liverpool were excited to find the torch was coming to their city

"This is a great opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience. We will definitely be going to the event at the Pier Head!" said James in Year 9.

"It's a great way to bring the community together and we are sure that Liverpool will rise to the occasion and put on a good party as always!" added fellow Year 9 pupils Jordan and Conor.

And School Reporter Tom created his own article about what the torch's arrival means for the area.

Tom's report details the torch's journey and the landmarks it will pass as it moves into the city.

He also took the chance to speak to Alicia Smith, Arts and Participation Manager for Culture Liverpool, about the significance of the torch and how she hopes "lots of community groups will come out and join the celebrations".

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