Olympic torch relay: Day 12

School Reporters from William Brookes School in Much Wenlock and Idsall School in Telford have been out and about to report on the Olympic torch relay coming through their town and everything else that's going on in an amazing day for the area.

Latest updates

1733: The School Reporters who have been out reporting today have sent in lots of great photos - have a look at some of the best of them in our photo gallery of the day.

Students from William Brookes School break a world record!

1707: We've heard that the world record attempt at William Brookes School (first mentioned at 1300, below) was a resounding success with 230 people taking part in a one-hour 100m relay.

That means they comfortably beat the previous record, so congratulations!

School Reporters Tara and Veronique were at the trackside to interview participants, watch the relay and experience the excitement as the final recording breaking number of runners was announced.

1625: More excellent stuff in from the School Report team at Idsall School, who filmed an interview with torchbearer Becky straight after her run with the Olympic flame.

And Becky even finds time to give her gran a hug!

Commentary on the arrival of the Olympic torch in Much Wenlock.

1520: School Reporters Tara and Zach were given the job of commentating the moment that the torch arrived at their school and proved themselves to be brilliant broadcasters, bringing the event to life with their vibrant descriptions.

Have a listen to their commentary... it's a great piece of commentary which really shows the excitement that the arrival of the flame can generate.

1433: As promised that 1355, some excellent rapid reporting from Tom and Megan at Idsall School, who have just filed this report on the experience of seeing one of their fellow pupils carry the torch.

"Today Tom, Megan and 30 other pupils went to see Rebecca carry the Olympic torch flame through Cressage.

"Rebecca arrived at about 12:30 where she was met by lots of pupils and the public - nearly all of which had some sort of camera.

"There was one short interview just before she started and a convoy of trucks, advertising vans and lots of support vehicles.

"After many pictures had been taken of her and the torch, she stood in the middle of the road whilst it was lit. The lorry which was leading her on her run started its engine and she was off!

"We all watched as she ran round the corner and out of sight, being followed by the trucks, cars and cameras. Everyone was clapping and cheering her on.

"Everyone there was proud to be part of such a momentous event."

Pupils on why Much Wenlock deserves the torch

1430: School Reporters Lydia and Broggan interviewed some of their schoolmates at William Brookes School about what it meant to have the Olympic torch relay come to the town.

The consensus seemed to be that the town deserves to have the prestiege of hosting the relay given its special link to the history of the modern Olympic Games.

Image copyright School Report
Image caption Oliver gets his hands on an Olympic torch

1424: More from William Brookes School where School Reporter Oliver was lucky enough to get to hold the torch.

It had been brought into school by William Brookes pupil Saffron, who was a torchbearer on day six of the relay.

Lots of pupils were keen to have their turn at holding the torch, including Oliver, 15.

"I was shocked how light the torch was," said Oliver, who was involved in making the film about William Penny Brookes.

"But it was a good feeling to have been able to hold the torch and know how iconic the torch is."

Image copyright School Report
Image caption Torchbearer Becky runs through Cressage with the torch

1355: A photo has just come in from the Idsall School reporting team who have been out in Cressage to watch Rebecca, a sixth form pupil at the school carry the torch.

Rebecca beat hundreds of other applicants thanks to her outstanding voluntary contributions in sport, with 40 fellow pupils at the school given the chance to go and watch.

We're expecting a report from the School Report team soon.

1300: Not content with having the the Olympic flame come to town, William Brookes School is also attempting to break the world record for the most people to run 100m in a one-hour relay. The mark to beat is 191.

"The union jack cupcakes are out, the custard creams are on display and the live music is blaring," say School Reporters Lydia and Brogann.

"The atmosphere is amazing as everyone is peering out the windows, trying to catch a glimpse of the torchbearers.

"All around, you can see athletes tying their shoelaces in anticipation of breaking a world record! Hopefully they'll do it, everyone shall be cheering them on. Now the wait for the torch begins…"

Brogann and Lydia have also been interviewing tochbearer Hillary Banks, a former police officer with an inspirational story, so watch out for some more updates from that to come...

Telling the William Penny Brookes story

The man who inspired the Olympics

Without William Penny Brookes and his passion for exercise, we may well not be counting down the days to the Olympics now.

School Reporters Meg and Ellie, who attend William Brookes School have been looking into the story of a remarkable man in a report broadcast BBC Radio 4's Making History on Tuesday.

And the story was so good that there was also a TV reporting team of Zach and Tara also investigating it! You can see their report at the top of the page.

Torchbearers galore!

With no less than three torchbearers, Much Wenlock School have kept up the school's proud Olympic tradition.

All three torchbearers - Katie, Saffron and Sam - have already run with the Olympic flame back on day six.

The prolific School Report team at the school interviewed the torchbearers ahead of the day to find out how they were feeling about the experience.

2012 fever!

Of course it's not just about Much Wenlock today though.

Lots of schools along the route have already been reporting on a whole variery of Olympic-related stories, from what the Olympics means to them to how the torch relay has affected their area.

Image copyright PA
Image caption Jason Gardener has already been a torchbearer

Students at Idsall School got the chance to interview Team GB Olympic gold medallist Jason Gardener about his athletic career and how he was driven to succeed through watching previous Games, as well as the support he gained from teachers at his own school.

The interview was turned into a podcast for the school's website and the pupils even gave Jason a run for his money in a sprinting competition!

Year 7 students from Adams' Grammar School in Shropshire have also put together articles detailing the origins of the Olympics and how it developed into the modern day incarnation.

They also looked at some of the more unexpected sports the Games has to offer including the vertical rope climb which was won in 1904 by George Eyser who competed with a wooden leg!'

But not everyone is focusing solely on the positive impact of the games with School Reporters at King Edward VI High School questioning how beneficial it will be economically.

In their article, Alex, Archie, Melissa and Luke analyse the cost of London 2012, posing the question: "What is Britain trying to achieve by this show of wealth to the world?"

They add: "It seems perhaps we are trying to appear wealthier than we are. Could the money not be better spent elsewhere in the British economy?"

They also draw the comparison with the 1948 Olympics in London, which they say cost just £750,000 with athletes put up in "reasonable (but not extravagant) accommodation"!

Welshpool High School pupils Kerry, Coralie and Caitlin interviewed fellow student Dan, a talented swimmer who missed out on selection for the 2012 Games but has his sights firmly set on the 2016 event.

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