Altered images 'aren't individual'

  • 15 March 2012
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How are 21st Century teenagers affected by body image issues? That was the question asked by School Reporters from Tarporley High School in Cheshire.

A recent poll shows that 86% of teenagers say they should be able to dress how they want.

Despite this, 90% of girls wear make-up to school; a statistic that School Reporter Lizzie described as "shocking".

She said: "Teens are affected by everything that surrounds our lives - magazines, the internet and social networks."

The news team wanted to "explore the way teenagers see themselves in the eyes of others", said Luke.

They talked to fellow students who agreed that young people were under pressure to look a certain way.

Size-zero models

But, Matt found that "being an individual has a positive effect on us all".

In the studio, presenter Roger Johnson was so impressed by their TV report on the issue, he let Lizzie and Luke take over.

They interviewed Jenna, a model, and Cerrie Burnell, a presenter from CBeebies.

Luke asked Jenna how she felt about seeing 'size-zero' models on the front pages of glossy magazines.

Confidence in your skin

She told him that it "puts pressure on young adults ... but they aren't real images".

Cerrie told Lizzie that, while it made her feel insecure sometimes, she doesn't wear a prosthetic arm.

She said: "Body confidence issues can affect anyone of any age.

"You have to be confident in your own skin".

After the interview, Roger told Lizzie and Luke that they had asked some "great questions".