Meet the School Report team!

With the participation of students, teachers, mentors and volunteers, the School Report team really runs to many thousands of people.

But here are the people at the BBC who work on the project on a permanent basis and that you can approach with queries:

Helen Shreeve, Editor and Project Leader

About Helen: Helen started School Report in 2006 and recruited the team, and has worked in BBC News since 1990 as a journalist and manager. In her time at the BBC she's worked on all sorts of radio and TV programmes but she says developing and running School Report is the best job she's ever had.

Contact Helen about: If you have any ideas about how the project can develop in the future.

Ian Westbrook, Senior Web Producer

About Ian: Ian has been involved with School Report for seven years as a mentor and also for some short spells working as part of the core team. He is now in charge of the website and social media for the project. Ian was a member of BBC staff for more years than he cares to remember, working for Ceefax Sport, the BBC Sport website and the BBC 2012 website, and has rejoined the Corporation to work on School Report.

Away from work, he is a keen football fan and can usually be found following the fortunes of Brentford FC.

Contact Ian about: Getting your content on to the School Report website as well as other BBC websites and various platforms.

Josie Verghese, Planning Producer

About Josie: Josie has been part of the School Report team for five years, having previously worked for Newsround, CBBC and BBC Sport. She liaises with other areas of the BBC about stories/programmes they are working on to see if School Reporters can be involved, as well as planning how best to showcase students' work during the annual News Days.

She spent an unforgettable fortnight working at the Olympic Park during the 2012 Paralympics, helping young people report on the action for BBC Radio 5 live and still has to pinch herself that she supported students to produce and file reports for BBC News from the United Nations on 'Malala Day'.

Josie is a School Governor and was nicknamed 'chatterbox' at an early age as she likes nothing better than to chat to colleagues, teachers and students!

Contact Josie about: Reporting plans and story ideas that you and your students have; advice about developing story ideas; general School Report enquiries.

Laura MacDonald, Schools Producer

About Laura: Laura joined the BBC in 2010 and has worked for the website, local radio and TV news. In 2012, she worked on School Report's coverage of the Olympic Torch Relay, Olympic and Paralympic Games. Now she is responsible for looking after the schools and teachers taking part in School Report, but she is also involved in lots of different parts of the project, from making content with schools to updating the website.

Laura likes reading biographies and loves to bake - she once made a cake designed to look like the famous School Report mic cube! Now that's dedication to the cause!

Contact Laura about: If you are a teacher with any queries about running the project, Laura is the person to ask!

Clare Crooks, Mentor Producer

About Clare: Clare joined the project on a short-term basis in 2013 as the English Regions' Producer, and returned to the role the following year working with all 40 of our BBC local radio stations and 12 regional TV programmes to make sure student reports were broadcast where they live. Last year she also helped School Reporters deliver weather reports across the UK.

Now she is looking after BBC mentors, responsible for recruiting and matching them to schools as well as getting involved in many other aspects of the project. In her time at the BBC Clare has mainly worked in local radio but has reported for 5 live and Radio 4 occasionally and dabbled in TV.

In her spare time Clare enjoys going to music gigs and festivals, eating good vegetarian food and then burning it all off through running, swimming and yoga…though not at the same time!

Contact Clare about: Working with a BBC mentor and general questions about the project.

Sarika Unadkat, Team assistant

About Sarika: Sarika started out on work experience with the School Report web team in 2012. After learning lots and gaining many new skills, she had caught the School Report bug and returned again for News Day the following year as the Team Assistant.

She enjoys working in online and radio, and in her free time she volunteers with her local hospital radio station.

Contact Sarika about: General queries about the project