Who does what in TV, radio and online news?

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When you watch a presenter deliver the evening news, listen to a bulletin on the radio or read a breaking news story online, you're watching, listening and reading the final product.

But behind the scenes, a huge amount of work by a wide range of individuals that you never see or hear has gone in to ensure the stories and reports are factually correct, up-to-date and newsworthy.

BBC News School Report helps develop students' communication and teamwork skills, and an excellent way to do this is to impart an understanding of the teamwork and combination of skills and knowledge that goes into reporting and broadcasting the news.

News is consumed across TV, radio and online, so we've provided a breakdown of key roles in these different areas along with links to more in-depth resources where students can learn some of the main skills needed. It's a good idea to think about which members of the team would be suited to different roles.

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And don't worry if you can't find someone to fill all the roles! In the BBC's increasingly multimedia newsrooms, many jobs and tasks are shared.

Depending on the size of your school's reporting team - and the medium you choose to work in - you can use as many or as few of the roles as you like.

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Who does what in the television studio?

From camera operators and sound mixers to editors and presenters, getting a news programme on air needs lots of skilled and hard-working people all pulling together to tight deadlines.

If you're planning to film your School Report bulletin or stories, see what sort of roles might be needed to make the most of your output.

Who does what in the radio studio?

Radio programmes like Radio 4's flagship Today are some of the most prestigious news outlets in the media, breaking big stories and grilling big-names guests on a daily basis.

The presenter may be the one carrying out the interview, but from the studio managers who make sure all the technical side of things runs smoothly to the reporters digging up the facts on a story, it is another area which needs lots of people all working closely together.

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Who does what in online journalism?

Just a few years ago, the online journalism world was seen as a add-on to the traditional media of TV and radio - but with more and more people accessing their news through the web, it is now an integral part of the media landscape.

While reporters write the stories, there are still lots of other people involved in making sure the final product is as polished as possible, so check out what the rest of the team get up to.