PSHE - Citizenship

PSHE Citizenship

School Radio offers a range of resources to support pupils' work within PSHE and Citizenship.

The audio material is in clip form, allowing you to make use of the content as you wish, although guidance in the form of Teacher's Notes is also available.

The resources in this section of the website are available at any time.

  • Just Think...

    Age 7 - 11

    A series of five funny and thought-provoking stories to help KS2 children get to grips with big ideas.

  • Have your say!

    Age 9 - 11

    The resources for each topic area typically include a drama in two parts and the voices of real children addressing the programme issues. The emphasis is on fostering discussion and offering positive approaches.

  • PSHE Clips

    Age 9 - 11

    Barney Harwood tackles a range of issues that promote discussion. The topics covered are: Transitions (Moving house, Moving school, Bereavement), Relationships (Making friends, Divorce) and Diversity (Disability and Image).

Programmes to download

Programmes to download at any time

Download programmes

A collection of programmes to download as mp3 files at any time. Includes dance and music.



Current podcasts

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Contact us

Contact us

Contact us

We are always pleased to receive your feedback, suggestions and pupils' work.

Jarvis Cocker recalls Singing Together

Jarvis Cocker remembers Singing Together

Archive on 4

Join Jarvis Cocker on Radio 4 to remember the long-running School Radio series 'Singing Together'.

Curriculum for Excellence

100 years since World War 1

WW1 Performance Pack

WW1 Performance Pack

Commemorate 100 years since WW1 by staging our specially-written play 'Archie Dobson's War'.

Private Peaceful - listen now!

Click to listen to Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo

Private Peaceful

All 13 episodes of Michael Morpurgo's moving WW1 story are available to listen to online.

Teacher's notes

Teacher's Notes

Online Teacher's Notes

Notes to support the programmes including details of all the series content.