School Radio Music offers resources across the primary school for both Key Stages 1 and 2.

Although firmly based on the National Curriculum guidelines for music the programmes are also directly relevant to the Music and Expressive arts curricula throughout the UK.

Programmes also target the QCA schemes of work, allowing programmes to be integrated into termly planning.

Key to each series is that they support the non-specialist teacher by offering a mix of materials chosen especially to appeal to each age group with clear instructions on how and what to do.

In conjunction with the Teacher's Notes (which include the words and music for each of the songs) each series can provide the busy teacher with all they need to confidently deliver a term's worth of class music.

  • Jack and the Beanstalk

    Age 5 +

    A new website for Key Stage 1 with video tutorials of the songs to learn and animations of the story episodes. There are also plenty of music activities and suggestions for putting on your own performance. Available anytime.

  • Viking Saga Songs

    Age 7 - 9

    Features a broad range of songs and music activities based around stories from Viking mythology - featuring an array of gods, giants and goblins and including much magic and mayhem! Available anytime.

  • Treasure Island by R L Stevenson

    Age 9 - 11

    Based on the classic novel by R L Stevenson, full of pirates and treasure. Join Jim Hawkins on the adventure of a life-time. There are seven songs to learn leading to a performance. Available anytime.

  • Heroes of Troy

    Age 9 - 11

    Video resources using music and songs to explore the Trojan War from Homer's Iliad. Learn the songs, practise to the backing tracks, download the playscript and then put on a performance! Available anytime.

  • Music Clips Library

    Age 5 +

    A library of music clips illustrating a range of key elements of music - including pitch, rhythm, timbre etc. The library is simple to use and intended for all age groups. The clips can be accessed at any time.

  • The Song Tree

    Age 5 - 7

    Simple songs to learn, combined with fun music activities and short stories. It adds up to a creative music stimulus that's an ideal way to fulfil objectives from both the music and the literacy curriculum.

  • Time and Tune

    Age 7 - 9

    Themed songs chosen for Years 3 and 4 of Key Stage 2 to develop singing and other music skills and often based on well-known stories. The songs and music-making activities can usually form the basis of a performance.

  • Music Workshop

    Age 9 - 11

    Similar in style to Time and Tune but aimed at Years 5 and 6 with more challenging vocal lines and some simple harmony. Each series includes backing tracks and a playscript and builds towards a performance.

  • World War 1 Performance Pack

    Age 9 -11

    This series includes three music programmes exploring World War 1 and, in particular, contemporary songs from the time, life in the trenches and commemoration. See also the listings for Dance and Drama.

Programmes to download

Programmes to download at any time

Download programmes

A collection of programmes to download as mp3 files at any time. 2013-2014 now added.



Current podcasts

Spring 2014 podcasts available from 14/01/2014. Never miss a programme!

WW1 commemoration

WW1 Performance Pack

WW1 Performance Pack

Commemorate the outbreak of WW1 by staging our specially-written play 'Archie Dobson's War'.

Private Peaceful - download now!


Private Peaceful

Don't miss it - all 13 episodes are now available to download but only until 26/05/2014.

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Contact us

Contact us

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Teacher's notes

Teacher's Notes

Online Teacher's Notes

Notes to support the programmes are simple to print or download as pdf.

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