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Viking Sagas. 8: Apples of Iduna - part 2

Viking Sagas. 8: Apples of Iduna - part 2

Loki has agreed to help the giant Thiassi against the gods, so he takes Thiassi to Iduna's garden.

He has a plan...if he can get Iduna away from the gods they will start to grow old...

Thiassi, disguised as an eagle again, hides in a tree. Loki calls to Iduna and tells her he needs one of her apples. But when she gives him one he pretends to have seen much better apples in another orchard outside Iduna's garden.

He offers to take her there, but she is reluctant to leave...what if the gods need her apples. So Loki persuades her that the apples may belong to a rival goddess and she agrees to go with him. But suddenly mysterious voices waft through the air: Iduna's trees are speaking - warning her not to go with Loki.

Thiassi decides he has had enough waiting around: he swoops down from the tree and seizes Iduna and her basket in his talons. Then he flies up into the air with her, thanking Loki for his assistance. Iduna is swept away...and Loki gives her a friendly wave as she goes.

But there's just one problem. With Iduna gone it's not just Odin and the other gods that are growing old and frail...Loki is as well!

Viking Sagas - supporting resources:

  1. Viking Sagas - text of Part 8 to print

Viking Sagas - text of Part 8

8. Apples of Iduna: part 2

Story by Nigel Bryant

Loki: Now, I'd agreed to help the giant Thiassi against the gods. So I took him somewhere. Somewhere we've been before.

This is the place Thiassi, you hide in that tree.

Thiassi: Right, don't let me down Loki. I'm warning you!

Loki: Can you guess where I'd taken the giant? That's right, back to Iduna's garden and I'm sure you can guess why. If I could get Iduna to leave Asgard then Thiassi could really harm the gods. She was the only one who could pick the apples. So without her the gods would grow old. Ha, ha - that'd be a good laugh...and I wouldn't have to put up with little miss prefect anymore either. I had to get Iduna out of her garden. To go somewhere quiet where none of the other god's would see us. So I called to her.


Iduna: Yes Loki?

Loki: Can you give me one of your apples? I'm feeling so tired after my journey to Midgard.

Iduna: Of course, dear Loki, with pleasure. Here.

Loki: Thank you. Oh, aren't they small?

Iduna: Small? These apples are as ripe and as delicious as ever.

Loki: Oh well, it's probably just that I've seen some much better ones today.

Iduna: Better?

Loki: Oh yeah, a gorgeous red they were and so juicy and delicious.

Iduna: But Odin says the apples that grow here are the loveliest in the world.

Loki: I'd always thought so too, until today.

Iduna: Where are they?

Loki: Oh, about half mile beyond the rainbow bridge. I promise you, they are much better than yours.

Iduna: I don't believe you.

Loki: Come and see for yourself.

Iduna: Oh no, I mustn't leave my garden.

Loki: Why ever not?

Iduna: Odin will not allow it...the gods might need the magic apples.

Loki: Great - Odin had forbidden Iduna to leave her garden. But old Loki don't give up that easily.

Just think Iduna, these other apples may be magic too! And some other goddess might find the tree. What would happen to you then?!

Iduna: Oh yes, I hadn't thought of that.

Loki: Believe me, it won't take long.

Iduna: Oh very well. I'll bring my basket.

Loki: Good idea.

So off we went out of her garden. It was working a treat but just as we were about to leave the strangest voices came wafting through the air.

Voices: Iduna, don't go!

Loki: Get this, talking trees!

Trees: Iduna. You are in danger!

Iduna: My trees - they're speaking to me. Warning me not to go with you.

Loki: Nonsense, off we go.

Trees: Iduna, don't go!

Iduna: Don't push me, let me go back!

Loki: Come one, come one!

Iduna: Oh! What's that?!

Loki: Where?

Iduna: That! That!

Loki: O that! That's nothing to worry about, it's only a giant disguised as an eagle.

Iduna: What?!

Loki: Thiassi had had enough of hanging around. He swooped down out of the tree, seized Iduna and her basket full of apples in his claws and carried her up into the sky.

Iduna: Arghhhh!

Thiassi: Well done, Loki! I'll take Iduna and her basket of apples too!

Iduna: Loki! How could you betray me?!

Loki: Quiet easily!

Iduna: Traitor!

Loki: Byeee!

A few flaps of Thiassi's great wings and miss goodie two shoes Iduna was just a speck in the sky. Yippee!

So the weeks went by and it was jolly quiet without her, no gods and goddess's sucking up to Iduna. But there was just one problem. Can you guess what it was?

Odin: Oh Loki, I feel terrible!

Loki: Oh yes Odin, I don't feel too bright myself.

That's right - with Iduna gone it wasn't just Odin and the other gods getting older...I was as well!

I'm all stiff in my arms and legs my lord.

Odin: Oh dear, only Iduna can pick the apples. Loki we must get her back before it's too late! What are we going to do?

Loki: What indeed? If I ever needed a really good twist it was now!

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