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Viking Sagas. 3: Freya and the goblins - part 2

Viking Sagas. 3: Freya and the goblins - part 2

Freya has returned to Asgard and her husband, Odur, having kissed the goblins for their necklace.

When Odur hears her story he is so filled with shame that he runs from the palace and is gone.

Some days later Odur still hasn't returned and Freya goes to Odin to ask that the necklace be returned to the goblins. But Odin refuses, telling Freya she must wear it forever as a mark of her shame.

Loki feels sorry for Freya - at least, that's what he tells us - and decides to 'help' her by taking the necklace.

To do so he changes into a fly and buzzes through a crack in Freya's bedroom door while she's asleep. Then he changes into a small bird and unclasps the necklace before flying away again.

But Loki hasn't reckoned on Heimdall - the guardian of the rainbow bridge. Heimdall sees Loki making off with the necklace and catches him.

Heimdall takes Loki before Odin...who decrees that the necklace should finally be returned to the goblins and that word should be sent to Odur that it is time for him to return.

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Viking Sagas - text of Part 3

3. Freya and the goblins - part 2

Story by Nigel Bryant

FREYA: Odur...

ODUR: How did you get that?

FREYA: It's beautiful, isn't it?

ODUR: Where did you get it?

FREYA: In a cave full of goblins.

ODUR: You dared to..?

FREYA Oh it was easy. The goblins aren’t as frightening as you think.

ODUR: They gave it to you?


ODUR: For what price?

FREYA: Oh, I paid them nothing.

ODUR: Those creatures are our sworn enemies. And yet you say they gave it to you for nothing?

FREYA: No, not exactly.

ODUR: Tell me!

LOKI: And she did, she poured out the whole story. And when Odur heard how his wife had kissed the goblins, the enemies of the gods, he was so filled with shame that he ran from the palace over the rainbow bridge and was gone. When, some days later Odur still hadn’t returned, Freya went to see the great god, Odin.

FREYA: Take this horrible necklace from me! Let someone return it to the goblins, and then perhaps my husband will come back. Oh please, mighty Odin, please take it!

ODIN: No! You kissed the goblins. You must wear the necklace forever as a mark of your shame. You are never to take it from your neck. And no-one is to help her - no-one at all!

LOKI: Poor Freya. How ashamed she felt and how she missed her husband! I couldn't bear to see it – so I decided to help her. How? Well by taking the necklace. Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact that it was the most beautiful and precious necklace in the world! It was purely to help Freya! 'Course it was! Mind you, it's not easy to take a necklace, when the person it belongs to never stops wearing it! But there's something you don't know about me yet. I, am a shape-changer. That's to say, I can turn myself into anything I like! Nifty, eh?

So there's princess Freya fast asleep in a bedroom. So, what does Loki turn into first? A fly! I buzzed through a crack in her bedroom door and landed beside her pillow.

Then I turned into a bird and carefully pecked the clasp open...and with the necklace in my beak I flew through the window and over the gates of the sleeping city.

But there was one thing I’d forgotten. There’s a god in Asgard who never sleeps. Heimdall, the guardian of the rainbow bridge. He saw me with the necklace and came riding after me.

HEIMDALL: Loki, you thief! Give me the necklace.

LOKI: You’ll have to catch me first!

And I said the magic spell - 'Doo-nar-ka-rim-nir!' - and turned myself into a ball of fire. Ha ha! But, Heimdall wasn’t bothered at all.

HEIMDALL: Do you think you’re the only one in Asgard with magical powers? Doo-nar-ka-rim-nir!

LOKI: And he turned into a rain cloud and drenched me. I was well and truly nabbed.

LOKI: So, Heimdall took the dazzling necklace and went to Odin.

HEIMDALL: Ah, see my lord, the necklace. I rescued it from that trouble-maker Loki. Shall I return it to the princess, Freya?

ODIN: No! She has learned her lesson now, she will never be so vain again. Return it to the cave of the goblins. Then send word to Odur that it is time for him to return.

LOKI: So, that’s the story of Freya’s necklace. A story full of interesting settings.

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