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The Tempest. 4: Toledo steel

The Tempest. 4: Toledo steel

The courtiers are getting more fed up by the minute so Prospero decides to cast a sleeping spell over them.

But he lets Antonio and Sebastian stay awake. And, within minutes, Antonio's up to his evil ways again...

While King Alonso of Naples and his old advisor, Gonzalo, are asleep Antonio convinces Sebastian that by killing Alonso, he could become King of Naples.

Sebastian isn't sure, but on reflection thinks that killing Prospero hasn't done Antonio any harm. So Anotonio draws a blade from his pocket, Toledo steel...

The Tempest - supporting resources:

  1. The Tempest - text of Part 4 to print

The Tempest - text of Episode 4

NARRATOR: While Ariel is leading Ferdinand up to the cave, the courtiers are clumping round the island getting more fed up by the minute. They’re hungry. Scared. Exhausted.

Prospero (still of course in his invisibility cloak) flings a sleeping spell at them: but, he lets Antonio and Sebastian stay awake. Within minutes, Antonio’s up to his evil ways again...

ANTONIO: Sebastian, wouldn’t you like to be King of Naples? Sebastian...if Alonso had a little accident, wouldn’t you be King of Naples?

NARRATOR: Well, actually, no, that’s not strictly true, says Sebastian, because if the King had a little accident then his son, Ferdinand, would inherit the throne. Antonio rolls his eyes...

ANTONIO: But Ferdinand’s not here, is he? Ferdinand’s drowned, hasn’t he?

NARRATOR: Sebastian’s a little slow on the uptake. So Antonio spells it out...

ANTONIO: King Alonso is fast asleep. So’s boring old Gonzalo. If they happened to die tonight, then Sebastian would be king.

NARRATOR: Sebastian’s not so sure. But, on reflection, bumping off Prospero didn’t seem to have done Antonio any harm so he moves closer. How would we do it, he says. Antonio’s eyes glint - from beneath his cloak he removes a leather case.

ANTONIO: Come, sit here, Open the case. Does your heart not leap at the very sight of it. A blade to die for, no? Touch the blade Sebastian. Feel the metal. Toledo steel.

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