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The Tempest. 2: Set me free

The Tempest. 2: Set me free

The storm rages all night, eventually waking Miranda. She is not happy when she learns what her father has done.

Miranda wants to know why he’s endangering the passengers of a passing Prospero has some explaining to do.

Prospero clicks his fingers and the storm stops. Then he tells Miranda the whole story. Every detail. How he's not just a wizard - he's also a duke. The Duke of Milan. How he was betrayed by his brother Antonio, who threw him - and the young Miranda - into a boat with the intention of losing them both at sea. Also, how his friend Gonzalo threw his science books into the boat with him as they were leaving and how after 12 years of reading the books he has come to know pretty much everything - including how to be a top magician.

Miranda is surprised - she thought she had been born on the island - but still angry at her father for sinking the ship.

Prospero explains that on the boat are all his enemies from Milan and Naples - including his brother Antonio.

Miranda asks what he plans to do with them. Prospero says he hasn't decided, but that whatever it is 'they deserve it'...

Ariel arrives with news that the passengers from the ship have landed safely on the island, split up in various locations - just as Prospero had ordered.

The Tempest - supporting resources:

  1. The Tempest - text of Part 2 to print

The Tempest - text of Episode 2

NARRATOR: The lightning and the thunder rage all through the night. Eventually the terrible din wakes Miranda. She is not pleased with her father – especially when she spies the passengers far below leaping into the heaving sea. Scared out of their wits.

Prospero clicks his fingers. The storm stops. He sighs. Time I told you just what’s going on, he says to her. And being the kind of wizard that likes details, this takes him the rest of the night.

It turns out that Prospero’s not just a wizard – he’s also a Duke. The Duke of Milan. At least he was, until his brother Antonio took over. Antonio borrowed the neighbouring king’s army, stormed the Duke’s palace and ordered Prospero and his daughter to be thrown in a boat and lost at sea. It was goodbye Duke Prospero – hello Duke Antonio.

Miranda is pretty surprised at this story – she thought they’d always lived in a cave. But hang on, she says, how come if you’re really a duke you’re also a wizard?

NARRATOR: Aha, says Prospero – my old friend Gonzalo threw my science books into the boat as we were leaving. Twelve years of reading them from cover to cover – and I now I know pretty much everything about everything. Including being a top magician.

Since when did top magicians start sinking ships for fun? accuses Miranda. Prospero explains that down there in the boat are all his enemies from Milan and Naples – including his brother Antonio.

What are you going to do with them? Miranda asks. Prospero tells her he hasn’t decided yet but whatever it is they deserve it. With that he conjures a spell – and puts her back to sleep. Just as Ariel flies in with a very important message

ARIEL: Master The ship is hidden in the harbour. The crew’s fast asleep in the hold.

PROSPERO: And the passengers?

ARIEL: Split up round the island, just as you ordered.

PROSPERO: Excellent.

ARIEL: I’ll be off then. It’s been nice working for you...

PROSPERO: Not quite yet, Ariel.

ARIEL: But boss – you said this’d be my last job.

PROSPERO: This job is not over yet. Dawn’s coming up – I want you to get down on the beach and start the island music going.

ARIEL: Okay. And then you’ll let me go?

PROSPERO: Soon, Ariel.

ARIEL: Promise?

PROSPERO: I promise.

ARIEL: Cross your heart...

PROSPERO: Don’t push your luck, Ariel, unless you want to wake up back in that tree trunk where I first found you...

ARIEL: Any particular tune you wanted or shall I choose, master?

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