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Jack and the Giant Beanstalk. 14: We're rich!

Jack and the Giant Beanstalk. 14: We're rich!

Jack comes out of his hiding place and goes to take the harp.

But the harp begins to speak - calling out to the giant and waking him.

Jack dashes for the door pursued by the giant.

The giant slips on a bowl of jelly spilled by his wife.

Then Jack races down the beanstalk chased by the giant. His Ma is waiting at the bottom with an axe and Jack begins to chop at the stalk.

The beanstalk comes crashing to the ground and the giant with it. He grumbles and goes off in search of a way home again.

The villagers celebrate. The golden hen has been found and returned to the village...and, even better, Daisy the cow is home again too!

Jack and the Giant Beanstalk - supporting resources:

  1. Jack and the Giant Beanstalk - text of Part 14 to print

Jack and the Giant Beanstalk - text of Part 14

As Jack hid under the smelly washing, the Giant listened to the gentle sound of his harp. The magical music quickly lulled him to sleep. Jack peered out from the smelly clothes. The Giant’s wife was winking at him!

He tiptoed towards the harp. ‘Help!’ it cried out.

‘Shh or you’ll wake the Giant!’ Jack hissed. ‘He stole you! Don’t you want to be rescued?’

‘He may be clumsy and greedy, but he likes my music!’ said the harp. ‘Master! Don’t let the nasty boy take me!’ it cried out loud.

‘I knew I could smell a little boy!’ roared the Giant as he woke up and saw Jack. ‘So it was you who took my coins and my golden hen. And now you’re trying to take my harp. Well I’m not having it. In fact, I’m having you – for my pudding!’

As the Giant grabbed at Jack, his wife picked up a bowl of jelly and dropped it in front of him. As he slipped and fell, Jack ran as fast as his legs would carry him...

He climbed down the beanstalk – but the Giant was catching up fast.

As Jack reached the ground, Ma was waiting with an axe. ‘Quick! The only way to stop him is to chop down the beanstalk!’ she cried.

Jack swung the axe and chopped as hard as he could...

The beanstalk and the Giant fell to the ground with a great crash. ‘Ow!! My head hurts,’ wailed the Giant. ‘I want to go home to my wife! I’m off to look for another beanstalk so I can get back to my castle!

And with that, he disappeared– and was never seen again.

That night, everyone celebrated. Not only had the Giant been beaten, but the magic hen had escaped from the thieves and come back to the village. ‘At last, our troubles are over!’ cried Ma.

But the best thing happened next morning. Jack was up bright and early, when he heard a familiar sound.

It was Daisy the cow, chomping happily on the grass! ‘I’m so glad you’re back!’ cried Jack. ‘Did the old man bring you?’

Jack wasn’t sure if Daisy was trying to say yes or no. But it didn’t really matter.

‘Thank you, old man!’ thought Jack. Now we can all live happily, ever after!’

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