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Relationships: Anansi and his sons

Anansi and his sons

Themes: SEAL theme: Relationships. Individual talents. Working together.

Synopsis: The story of Anansi and how one day his six sons come to his rescue by using their individual talents.

Anansi's sons each have a special talent. They are Sees Trouble (amazing eyesight); Road Builder (great at building roads); River Drinker (able to drink copious volumes of water); Game Skinner (a hunter); Stone Thrower (amazing at throwing stones)...and Cushion (larger than the others and very comfortable to sit on!)

One day Anansi goes out for a walk telling his sons he won't be long. When he fails to return the sons go in search of their father. And by using their special skills together they are able to rescue their father from a very tricky predicament.

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Anansi and his sons - supporting resources:

  1. Transcript of story to print

Text of story

This is the story of Anansi the Spider and his six very special sons. Why are they so special? Because they've all got very special skills. Let's find out what.

Anansi's first son has amazing eyesight. His eyesight is so good he can see things coming from miles away! So everyone in the village calls him 'Sees Trouble'. Anansi's second son is special in another way. He can build amazing roads. So his nickname is Road Builder. Anansi's third son has a very unusual skill. He can drink lots and lots (and lots) of water. Any idea what his nickname is? It's River Drinker! The fourth son is nicknamed Game Skinner because he's an amazing hunter and his fifth son is nicknamed Stone Thrower because he can pick up a stone from the ground and throw it so far and straight that you won't be able to see it anymore. And last, but by no means least, is Anansi's sixth son. Cushion. And he's called that not because he's good to sit on (although actually he is, as you'll see later on) but because he's a little bit big and very round.

They all live together with their Dad in his house in the forest and most of the time Sees Trouble, Road Builder, River Drinker, Game Skinner, Stone Thrower and Cushion all get along in life just fine.

But then one day Anansi told his six sons that he was going out for a walk in the forest.

'Boys, I'm going out for a walk! Won't be long!'

A few hours later and the boys suddenly realised that Anansi wasn't back yet. Now, a few hours is quite a long time for their Dad to walk (he was a pretty lazy spider, to be honest) and his sons started to worry a little bit.

Then suddenly Sees Trouble saw something in the distance. 'Oh no, I can see Dad and I think he's in trouble!'

They all agreed they must go and help their Dad. Luckily for them, Road Builder built them a road very quickly and before they knew it they were on their way.

They'd been walking for about half an hour when they reached a river and Sees Trouble said 'Stop brothers! I think this is where Dad is!'

'Are you sure?' asked Road Builder'.

'I'm 99% sure,' answered Sees Trouble. 'Let's just wait here for a minute and then we can...'

But before he could finish his sentence a massive fish jumped out of the river, opened his mouth and inside was Anansi!

'Help my boys, help!' he shouted, from inside the fish's big belly.

'Dad!' shouted the boys. But before they could do anything, the fish dived back into water and was gone.

'I know what to do!' shouted River Drinker suddenly.

'Out of my way brothers!' Then he ran forward and drank all the water from the river (because after all, his nickname was River Drinker).

'Oh, well done!' shouted the boys. Because now the fish was lying there without much water to hide in. Trouble was, Anansi was still in the fish's stomach.

Suddenly Game Skinner stepped forward and shouted 'Boo!' at the fish! 'What are you doing?' asked his brothers. 'I'm frightening the fish so that he'll burp Dad up!'

'Boo!' shouted Game Skinner again. And sure enough the fish did a big burp and out popped Anansi!

Anansi was so happy to be back with his sons that he ran over to give them all a massive hug. But, oh dear, an eagle was flying over. It looked down, saw Anansi running and thought 'Hmmm, nice juicy spider, he'd be perfect for my tea tonight!' So he swooped down, picked Anansi up in his beak and flew off! What should the boys do now!

There really wasn't much time to think, because the eagle was flying further and further away. But because the brothers were so good at working together by now they knew exactly what they should do. They all looked at Stone Thrower, who picked up a stone from the ground and threw it at the eagle's beak.

'Throw it far, Stone Thrower!' shouted the boys 'As far as you can!'

And wow, he really threw it far. Whoooooosh, it flew up into the sky, hit the eagle on the beak and Anansi dropped out of the eagle's mouth! Oh no! What should the boys do now! Their Dad was falling - and falling fast - towards a huge pile of rocks. But you know what? They didn't panic, not one bit. They all realised that the best solution was for Cushion to race towards those rocks in time for their Dad to land softly on top of him!

So Cushion did just that.

And Anansi landed with a lovely little 'poomph' on his youngest son, safe and sound.

Anansi was very grateful to his six sons and he wanted to say thanks and get them a present. But what? Then he looked up into the sky and saw a really beautiful light shining down and thought to himself 'Oh, that's perfect, that's what I'll give to my boys'.

But then he thought, 'Hang on, there's only one special light and I've got six special sons. Which son should I give the present to?'

And so Anansi, he chose to leave the light in the sky...and now it's always there, for him to see, for his six sons to see and for you to see. And it was the best decision he ever made, because that light is still in the sky today.

It's the light that we call The Moon.

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