3 July 2014
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Welcome to the BBC's Safeguarding Trust website for Independent Production Companies and freelance staff.

Safeguarding Trust is an editorial training programme which examines the issue of where to draw the line between legitimate media artifice and unacceptable audience deception.

The BBC launched this site following the serious editorial breaches that occurred in 2007. Among these was the incident in which a child visiting the Blue Peter studio was asked to pose as a phone-in competition winner, the showing of scenes from the documentary A Year with the Queen in a wrong and misleading order and the revelation that competitions on various channels had involved audience members being asked to call premium rate numbers when they had no chance of winning.

More details can be found here and here

The consequences for the BBC and much of the rest of the industry were very serious. Fines totalling millions of pounds were levied by Ofcom and various executives and others lost their jobs.

Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC, said: “Nothing matters more than trust and fair dealing with our audiences. The vast majority of the 400,000 hours of BBC output each year, on television, radio and online, is accurate, fair and complies with our stringent editorial standards. However, a number of programmes have failed to meet these high standards. This is totally unacceptable. It is right that we are open with the public when we have fallen short and that we demonstrate that we take this very seriously indeed”.

Existing and new BBC staff have been required to complete a Safeguarding Trust training programme. The purpose of this site is to make learning equivalent to that programme available to people outside the BBC.

The site contains a number of exercises across different media - exploring editorial dilemmas around shooting/recording, editing, interactivity, live broadcasting and 'as lives', and running competitions.

If you are working on BBC content you will be expected to complete one or more modules, which should be the ones most relevant to the commission you are working on. If you are working on a show involving a competition, audience voting or awards you will also be required to complete one or both competitions modules. Guidance on relevant modules and versions will be given at commission stage.

You are welcome to complete all the training modules, if you wish.

There is also some optional further learning available via the link on the left.

Once you have completed the exercise or exercises you will receive a confirmatory email.

Keep this in a safe place as it is proof to employers that you have completed the training.

The exercises are not scored.

Click on the link to Interactive Modules to see the full list of training exercises.

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