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Laura (FOH) and Peter (chef)


This Chinese-Welsh couple want to blend the best of East Asian and Welsh cuisine in their restaurant, The Welsh Wok.

Restaurateurs: Laura and Peter
From: South Wales
Restaurant name: The Welsh Wok
Restaurant concept: The Welsh Wok will be serving rustic menu with a varied adaptation of Welsh and Eastern influences.

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Laura and Peter look back at their time on The Restaurant.

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David Moore and Sarah Willingham

The Inspectors on Laura and Peter

"Pete and Laura had a nice little business going there. At this stage we are closing restaurants down that are not the best, not because they are rubbish".


Laura and Peter

Laura and Peter look ahead

"We are confident in the talents we have but we're a long way from being able to run a professional restaurant and that's why we're here. We want to learn from Raymond Blanc".


Laura and Peter's signature dish

Laura and Peter's signature dish

Hake and wild Alaskan salmon, steamed with ginger, spring onion, Chinese mushrooms and leeks.


Background and culinary experience

Peter (41) is a team manager with a blue chip company. Laura (32) is a service manager. Laura says she would be described as a worrier and a control freak who lists cleaning as a hobby. Pete sees the best in everyone and is optimistic. They both think it will be a challenge to be together 24 hours a day.

Food means everything to us. I was brought up on a farm. Everything revolves around meals - when we're eating one meal we're talking about the next.


Peter jointly owned and cooked in his family's Cantonese takeaway for 15 years and although he doesn't have any formal training, he's a proficient cook and loves to cook big Chinese banquets and Sunday lunches. His father and grandfather were both chefs and after working for nearly four years as a team manager he is keen to return to cooking. Laura believes her people skills will equip her well in hospitality and has always wanted to work in the industry.

The Menu

Raymond Blanc

A recipe for success

Raymond offers a recipe for fish soup with aioli sauce.

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