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Harriet (chef) and Mike (FOH)


A father and daughter pairing who believe quality and value don't need to be compromised and that simple is best.

Restaurateurs: Harriet and Mike
From: Surrey
Restaurant name: The Blue Goose
Restaurant concept: A Routiers-style diner that offers a short menu of value, quick service for the daytime and slower pace for the evening.

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Harriet and Mike reflect on their time on The Restaurant.

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David Moore and Sarah Willingham

The Inspectors on Harriet and Mike

"Mike didn't have his heart in it in the way that Harriet did and this business needs 150% of everybody's input".


Harriet and Mike

Harriet and Mike look ahead

"Opening a restaurant is something I've wanted to do for some time. It's not want to, it's when it's going to happen".


Harriet and Mike's signature dish

Harriet and Mike's signature dish

English rack of spring lamb with a glazed gravy served with English new potatoes mash with a hint of garlic.


Background and culinary experience

Mike (57) is the director of two recruitment businesses. Harriet (26) is an event planner and has worked as a Crown Court clerk.

I hope Raymond Blanc would think of us as an interesting dynamic, a strong team with some good potential and good existing skills.


Although neither is formally trained, Harriet and Mike are knowledgeable about food and Harriet is a passionate cook.
They often serve three course dinner parties for up to 24 people. Harriet is Mike's only child and they are very close.

The Menu

Raymond Blanc

A recipe for success

Raymond pan fries a tasty steak.

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