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Annette (chef) and Kashelle (FOH)


This mother and daughter pairing want to remind us of our holidays with their Caribbean Delights concept, a restaurant that brings the best of food from the West Indies to England.

Restaurateurs: Annette and Kashelle
From: South Yorkshire
Restaurant name: Caribbean Delights
Restaurant concept: A menu that represents food from most of the Caribbean islands

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Annette and Kashelle reflect on their time on The Restaurant.

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The Inspectors on Annette and Kashelle

"What on earth were they thinking? It was catastrophe beyond belief. They literally opened a thin of mango puree and froze it".


Annette and Kashelle

Annette and Kashelle look ahead

"We're going to give people the taste of the Carribbean so that when they eat with us they can feel as if they are still on holiday".


Annette and Kashelle present their signature dish

Annette and Kashelle's signature dish

Tinned mango puree with a hint of lime.


Background and culinary experience

Annette (47) is a home carer for the elderly. Kashelle (25), a freelance actress, is a single mum with a four year old son.

My mum's always talking about opening up a Caribbean restaurant. It's nice to know her dream is finally coming alive.


Annette has been hiring a kitchen every Sunday since May 2007 so she can cook and sell Caribbean food.
Kashelle helps out as front of house with this weekly "Eat as much as you like" Caribbean buffet and has 10 years experience working in different restaurants.

The Menu

Raymond Blanc

A recipe for success

Raymond offers a delicious recipe for rhubarb sorbet.

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