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Meet David Moore

A passion for service

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David and Sarah on changes in the restaurant industry.

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"I find lack of knowledge the biggest mistake. Often restaurant wine waiters can't tell me what works with different dishes".


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"Awkward customers are part of life in the restaurant business. It's not that they're awkward. Sometimes it's just they know what they want".


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David is the longstanding creative force behind London's Pied à Terre restaurant which opened in 1991. He began his career under the leadership of Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir Aux Quat' Saisons.

People don't take enough interest in what they're serving to be able to tell you what everything is on the plate. If it's your job, if you're a waiter, you should know.

David Moore

His superlative Front of House management skills have taken him to some of the most illustrious dining establishments including The Box Tree in Ilkley, the Louis XV in Monaco and La Belle Otero in Cannes, France.

It is a love of French haute cuisine that drives David forward. Since its launch, Pied à Terre achieved two Michelin Stars.

In 2007, he opened a sister restaurant, L'Autre Pied, with business partner Shane Osborn and chef Marcus Eaves from Pied à Terre.

As befits a consummate Front of House professional, David prides himself on his attention to detail and can even be found rearranging objects in other restaurants to improve the aesthetic.

Extolling the virtues of a well organised waiter station, he is an expert multi-tasker who insists on keeping an air of mystery in his restaurants, adding to the magic of the dining experience.

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