1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

Fredrick Strange

Contributed by: Ray Strange, on 2008-11-08

Fredrick Thomas Strange
First Name Fredrick
Surname Strange
Year of Birth 1893
Year of Death 1971
Regiment 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards
Place of Wartime Residence Box, Wiltshire

Fredrick's Story

Tales Our Soldiers Tell

A Swindonian in the trenches. A letter has been recieved by Mr. W. Strange, of Toothill, Swindon, from hhis eldist son, who is in C squadron of the Royal Irish Dragoon Guards. Says: 'We are getting proper November weather here, and it is now very foggy and cold at nights. Our regiment is doing fibe work here, especially our squadron. We have got to do the infantry work; there is no work for cavalry. We generally do a day and night in the trenches and a day and night out. We got plenty of excitement in the trenches, with the 'coal boxes' falling around us ('Coal boxes,' explains the writter, is the name our tommies have given to the enemy's big shells). The Germans have got some very fine artillery but there rifle fire is rather poor. We had a very warm time in the trenches the other day. We had been waiting for the enemy all night, and just after daybreak we spotted them coming along in hundreds. It was not long before we were exchanging shots , and then their coal-boxes began falling upon us. They didnt half forget to send them over, and one of the shells fell right in the trenches and killed four of our men. The trenches were blown in in several places, but we got the upper hand of them at the finish. Our boys and officers who were there showed them how to do it.'

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