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Soldier Record

Percy Danton

Contributed by: John Emms, on 2008-11-07

Percy John Danton
First Name Percy
Surname Danton
Year of Birth 1895
Year of Death 1964
Regiment Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
Place of Wartime Residence

Percy's Story

He joined the army at l6/17 years in l9ll. Percy was considered a good boxer and won many medals boxing for his regiment ˜The Queens'. Royal West Surrey. When war broke out he was serving with his regiment in South Africa. The regiment was ordered back, and after twenty-four hours furlough from Southhampton he went out to the front. Their private Percy Danton, who was attached to 7th Division, helped to make history at Zonebreke and Ypres. Whilst taking cover with six companions in a turnip field, a shell burst near, killing his comrades and wounding him in the thigh. For six hours he Lay in the mud and drizzling rain, until he was seen by a party of Gordons and carried to the field hospital on a door wrenched from a wrecked cottage. Percy Danton also told the story of a little deaf and dumb girl, who had been left behind by her people. The soldiers looked after her and fed her with their rations, until a German shell tragically ended the child's life, which set the house on fire. Also at Ypres Percy Danton recalled giving a chum a light from his cigarette, when a German bullet struck the man on the temple, and killed him instantaneously.

Only the Good Die Young!

After receiving wounds to himself he was sent home to convalesce. Soon after he returned to the Front on January 22nd 1915. In the course of a few weeks he was wounded again, this time in the stomach. This happened at Givanchy, during the attack on La Basse. He again returned to the Front two days after his marriage to Edith Randall.

In 1915 his brother Ernest claimed him, which meant Percy could be with his brother's regiment The Royal Regiment of Artillery. I remember a story he told me. He was positioned on top of a haystack, with his mates overlooking an enemy position. A German machine gun post started firing towards them, which killed and wounded many of them, including the sergeant, who was killed having been shot in the throat.

He received three service medals including the Mons Star. It has inscribed his name and rank, which was lance corporal.

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