1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

Thomas Wermerling

Contributed by: Julie Smart, on 2008-11-06

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First Name Thomas
Surname Wermerling
Year of Birth 1899
Year of Death 1992
Regiment King's Royal Rifle Corps
Place of Wartime Residence London, Greater London

Thomas's Story

I don't know much about my Grandads involvement in the 'Great' War because like most service men that returned not alot was spoken about it. My Dad tells me that his Dad did tell him one story. My Grandad went out towards the end of the war and fought somewhere in France. He told my Dad that on one occasion a German surveillance plane was flying over the trenches and his commanding officer ordered my Grandad to get up on the trench and shoot it down. My Grandad followed orders and shot at the plane - missing it- and apparently he could see the pilot waving at him.

My Grandad

I can't quite believe what these people did for us and went without question to their deaths.

My Grandad lived to the ripe old age of 94 - and lived with his wife, Ivy, in the ground floor flat they had shared since they were married - my Grandmother died six months before him. My Grandmother worked in the munitions factory during the First World War and they lived through the blitz in London doing their bit for the war effort during the second world war. I am not sure I would have coped so well.

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