1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

Armond Miles

Contributed by: Marilyn Smith, on 2008-11-06

Armond Miles
First Name Armond
Surname Miles
Year of Birth 1891
Year of Death 1916
Regiment 20th Hussars
Place of Wartime Residence Easton, Suffolk

Armond's Story

3 weeks ago i visited my grandfathers grave in France. He is buried at Heilly station cemetry on the outskirts of Amien. It was for me a very emotional occassion. I did not know how i would feel, but one over ridding feeling i had, was one of belonging. I felt not only was i part of his life but also he was part of mine. I did not know my granfather he was only 25 when he died. My mother did not speak of him, probably because she was only two when he died.About 3 years ago i had this over powering urge to see if i could trace his history and some personal details about his life. I have visited his place of birth and villages he has been associated with looking for this information. After visits to record offices, looking up records on sites on the internet, and many many phone calls i found myself in a position that he actually had a resting place that i could visit. My search continues for more information about this good man who died for his country. Rest in peace dear Granddad.

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