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Noel Everard Evans

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Noel Everard Evans
First Name Noel Everard
Surname Evans
Year of Birth Unknown
Year of Death Unknown
Regiment Royal Field Artillery
Place of Wartime Residence Colwyn Bay, Conwy

Noel Everard's Story

Having received a commission in the autumn of 1918 with the RFA (Royal Field Artillery], Noel Evans headed straight for the Western Front that September to join his elder brother in 121 Battery, 27th Brigade RFA. He is constantly aware of his brother's presence, but they keep closely missing each other. 2nd Lieutenant Evans was wounded in action barely two months later. He died in hospital on Armistice Day.

I regret to tell you that your younger son was severely wounded in the head this morning

27th October 1918

We are actually out in rest at the present moment, but I may say it has not been much of a one so far as we got shelled in the wagon line again, and had a bad score against us. It took us 5 hours to bury the horses with a number of men helping. I saw Jones today, he says Morgan comes out next week, so I shall be on the watch and go up to the battery about Thursday, if I remember the day of the week and I am not too busy. Please send me out a store of studs front and back, a couple of ties and tie pins, as I have lost all mine in the push. Well, we expect to go into action again at any moment. The other Brigade have already gone in. We had a concert party up for our benefit today - they called themselves the Wiss Bangs and really very good. We found an old knocked about Barn and sat in straw. I saw Morris, and he expects Morgan soon at the beginning of the month, but I believe Jones has written to tell him to stop until his kit arrives, if it has not already done so.

Send me cigs out as they cannot be got anywhere up at the front. All right for those at the Base and we are forgetting what it is like to have one. It's raining hard again, now, so I expect another bath soon.

Good bye and best love, from Noel.

Letter from Staff Capt. Reporting Injury

4th November 1918

I regret to tell you that your younger son was severely wounded in the head this morning. The brigade doctor, who attended him (a very competent and cautious medical officer) told me that he has great hope that the wound is not so serious as it appeared, as the piece of shell had been taken out and as your son was perfectly conscious, though suffering from concussion, still, wounds to the head have to be regarded as dangerous for the time being. If I can find out the CCS to which he has been sent, I will let you know, but as we advance a considerable distance today, I am not likely to see him.

Letter from brother, not dated

I have seen Bonner, and he told me that he and Noel were together in the Battery position, firing a barrage, when the enemy put down a counter barrage and Noel was wounded by a shell. The doctor said that the head wound was a dangerous one and would cause concussion, but that Noel was in no pain, but seemed very sleepy.

Telegrams Regarding Injury

OHMS War Office

No 8 General Hospital reports Nov 8th 2nd Lieut N E Evans RFA 121st Battery 27th Brigade admitted seriously ill gun shot wound head left leg.

Regret No 8 General Hospital Rouen reports Nov 8th 2nd Lieut N E Evans RFA 121st Battery 27th Brigade now dangerously ill, further news send when received. Visit not possible.

Nov 10th.

Condition critical, may be visited.


OHMS War Office

Deeply regret No 8 General Hospital Rouen reports 2nd Lieut N E Evans RFA 121st Battery died of wounds Nov 11.

Army Council expresses sympathy.

Text published by the BBC with permission from the soldier's relatives and the Imperial War Museum.

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