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Albert Bowerman

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Albert Bowerman
First Name Albert
Surname Bowerman
Year of Birth Unknown
Year of Death Unknown
Regiment Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Place of Wartime Residence Sunneymede, Oxfordshire

Albert's Story

Albert Bowerman served with the 4th Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (145th Brigade, 48th Division) on the Western Front. In letters to his sister he is preoccupied with ongoing difficulties with a wounded arm. In the letter given here, he is preoccupied with what appears to be serial dating, and highlights the poor treatment given by a lance corporal in the trenches. He was killed in action on 4 November 1917. His father is informed of Albert's death in a letter from the army chaplain, given here.

That's a bad job about that chap being missing


6th February 1916

Dear Beat,

Just a few lines hoping to find you in the best of health as it leaves me the same at present. I received your two letters safe on the 12th. The cigarettes came in handy being as I couldn't get any just now. That isn't a bad photo of Edie. It's a bit different to the other she sent me taken by herself. I thought about having mine taken in a few days time when we get back for a rest if there is any place to have it done. Don't worry about writing to that Lance Corpl now as I don't have a lot to do with him now, even the way he treated some of us in the trenches. He didn't want us so now we don't want him. That's a bad job about that chap being missing but there isn't much hope for anyone when they are put down as missing. But then he may be a prisoner of war for all we know.

I had two letters from the girls what works with you and they were very nice letters. I shall have to try and get their photos if they got one just to make our chaps jealous. I haven't said anything to those girls about what happened while I was home. I haven't heard from the girl what sent me her photo since I been back. [...] Don't worry about Dolly because I shall go out with her again. I didn't ask her to write but I'm going to ask her for my photos back some time. Don't worry to send any money if you can't spare it because I would rather go without, being as I can't draw any money for a while because I am in debt a bit after coming home.

I must close now,

With lots of love,


Chaplain's Letter

B.S.7, 15.11.1917

Dear Mr Bowerman,

I regret to have to tell you that your son Pte A Bowerman of the 1/4th Oxford and Bucks was killed on the 4th of November by a bullet. I buried him two days later in the British Military cemetery behind the lines. He was a good and brave soldier much respected by all who knew him. I regret that I cannot tell you the exact place where he was buried or fuller particulars. Please accept this assurance and my very real sympathy,

Yours sincerely

Hubert Moller

Chaplain 1st Bucks.

Text published by the BBC with permission from the soldier's relatives and the Imperial War Museum.

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