1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance

Soldier Record

Francis Edward Fitzpatrick

Contributed by: Derek C. Alderson, on 2008-11-23

Frank Fitzpatrick
First Name Francis Edward
Surname Fitzpatrick
Year of Birth 1894
Year of Death 1965
Regiment Manchester Regiment
Place of Wartime Residence Radcliffe, Lancashire

Francis Edward's Story

Prior to the outbreak of the war my grandfather Frank was a clerk with the Redgrave Mill Company. He at first tried to enlist but for some reason was refused. Finally at a different centre he was accepted and enlisted on the 17th November 1914

He joined the Manchester Regiment His Battalion the 20th was originally raised as the 5th City battalion and was one of many such 'Pals' battalions formed during the war.

Frank was one who came home, so many others didn't. Anybody describing him would use the word 'contented', as I have got older myself I have realised why; every day must have been a bonus to him.

At basic training in Morcambe four of them palled on together.

Pte. 17475 Harry Rowland. (Last heard from in Southport)

Pte. 17524 Bert Worland. (Manchester area poss.)

Pte. 17356 Billy Gorton ( Salford Area)

& my Grandfather

All four survived.

I would love to hear from any of their families. Also I have a collection of photos they may be interested in.

He started basic training in Morcambe, I have a picture of him and some pals digging trenches on the beach.The battalion ended up in Grantham (I think) .

He was sent out to France late in 1915.The battalion was transferred to the Italian front in 1917 where he said his most frightening experience of the war was being driven up mountain roads with sheer drops by Italian drivers he was not impressed by those drivers. He returned to France in the summer of 1918 for the last few months of the war.

My grandfather was transferred to the reserve in March 1919. On leaving the army he trained as a Herbalist finally opening a shop in Heywood the day after he married my grandmother (Annie) it was one of a few Herbalist shops in the east Lancs area run by the Fitzpatrick brothers (he had 11 siblings) he being the youngest. He moved to Blackpool in the 1930`s. He passed away in 1965 I was just fourteen, now in my late 50's if I could talk to him now I would have so many questions. I can't believe that this quiet, caring man could have been through so much horror.

His next brother up also served see Tom Fitzpatrick.

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